Tip of the week #19: Chat and comment about an event in Zoho Calendar.

Tip of the week #19: Chat and comment about an event in Zoho Calendar.

Communication and collaboration are necessary to boost a team's productivity. Zoho Calendar, serves as a better productivity tool in that aspect by providing you the options to chat about an event and comment on an event.

Apart from scheduling a meeting or conference you can use Zoho Calendar to brainstorm key points through chat and welcome the participants opinion on the scheduled event through comments.

Chat about an event

When you create an event in Zoho Calendar or being added as a participant you will have the option to chat about the event with the participants of the event and also with non-participants. You will have the chat option in the View event tab. You can click on the Chat icon on top of the event view tab and add participants from within your organization to your chat window.

A chat window will be opened in Cliq application integrated within Zoho Calendar. You can discuss about the event with your colleagues even before the event starts. Learn more.

Comment on an event

Opinion of each and every participant can be received while creating an event in Zoho Calendar. The option to comment on an event is available for the events you create and for the events you're a part of. To comment on an event, click and open the View event tab of event from your calendar grid. Click on the Comment icon on top of the event view tab.

You can register your opinion in the comment window that appears on right of your view event tab. You can add attachments to the comments from your computer. The comments you make will be visible to all the participants of the event. You can also delete your comments. Learn more.

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