[Webinar] Zoho CRM's Latest Features and Enhancements

[Webinar] Zoho CRM's Latest Features and Enhancements

Discover and learn the brand new enhancements Zoho CRM got this quarter! These enhancements can be leveraged to bridge small gaps in your existing CRM implementation that power user data entry, finding and selecting records, and more, and make your user experience more efficient. 

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June 25, 2024
1.30 PM NZST | 11.30 AM AEST | 9.30 AM SGT
June 25, 2024
8.30 PM PDT | 11.30 AM EDT | 10.30 AM CDT

Key enhancements we'll cover:
  1. Enhanced lead duplicate check preferences 
  2. Dynamic Filters for Lookup Fields 
  3. Filter records by Subforms and Related Lists values
  4. Advanced global search and follow-up actions
  5. Flexible Validation Rule configurations
  6. Data Management in Analytics
  7. Detailed Subform features  
  8. Advanced record filtering by Multi-Select Picklists
  9. Lead history, post-conversion 
Webinar agenda:
  1. An understanding of the pre-existing features and deep-dive into what has been added
  2. Demo of each of these features and enhancements
  3. Q&A with the panel

Read about each of these features in-depth, here. We will publish a recording of the webinar here once it's done, so if you're unable to join, do watch this space. Also, feel free to post any questions below, and we'll try to address them.