🆕 Zoho Recruit - Product Updates - May 2023

🆕 Zoho Recruit - Product Updates - May 2023

Dear all,

I hope your work week started on a high note. This month, we’re back with a bunch of new updates to help you hire just better.  Please read on to know more.

1) Validation Rules

You can now set up a validation rule for specific fields in Zoho Recruit. For example, there may be cases that require phone
numbers to be in a particular format, or you'd want to prevent certain characters from entering in a field. Validation rules will come in handy for such cases.

Example 1: When you want a candidate's total years of experience to be > 5 years, and when the condition is not met, you'll see an error that the years of experience should definitely be greater than 5 to proceed further.

Example 2: The "Phone Number" field must contain a 10-digit numeric value.

This validation rule would ensure that the phone number field has a 10-digit number and reject any values that do not meet this criterion.

Click here to learn more.

2) Tabular Enhancement

We have introduced support for new field types in the Tabular View (additional 10 new field types are added)

Date Time
Long Integer

The new field types are supported in all the existing functions like email template, parsing, review form, new webforms. (Except for the old webforms)

Help link - 

3) Zoho Recruit's chatbot is now better than ever

Enhanced features include multi-attachment support, improved compliance, detailed view for job openings, faster file upload, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Discover the game-changing update today!

Click here to learn more. 

Do give these features a spin and let us know your feedback. Just as always, we'd be happy to listen to and update.

Team Zoho Recruit

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