Collaborate Visually with Whiteboard in Zoho Projects

Collaborate Visually with Whiteboard in Zoho Projects

Whiteboard in Zoho Projects allows you to collaborate visually by creating diagrams, annotating designs, and sketching project workflows using shapes, text, and images within project modules. Team members can work simultaneously, improving productivity and communication.

For example, in a construction project, when setting up the HVAC system, a dynamic and easily accessible layout is crucial for your team. Within a task named Installation,
  • Create a Whiteboard to sketch the HVAC layout and the components in detail using shapes.
  • Annotate data like current airflow rates, temperatures, and material specifications using text. 
  • Add team members as editors for real-time collaboration and attach it to the task. 
Whiteboards can become a central hub for the layout details, providing a quick and reliable reference point.


You can also edit the layout and export your Whiteboard as an image for further use.


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