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Zoho Developer Community Archives

Zoho Developer Community is a vibrant group of developers who engage in enriching discussions and insightful exchanges. This community is all about fostering a valuable and nurturing platform that encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing amongst its members.

We have organized several meetups and events in the past. These events have been a great way for members to network, learn from each other, and collaborate. In this post, you'll find comprehensive information and recordings from previous community meetups, with regular updates following the conclusion of each event.

Developer 101 Series

This series aims to make the developers explore and learn to leverage various features of the Zoho Developer Console to build applications, customize and extend the Zoho product functionalities to suit their business needs.

The recordings offer valuable insights from our product experts, and we encourage you to check them out -
  • Widgets 101
Widgets in Zoho are embeddable UI components that you can create on your own, using our JS Software Development Kit. Our product experts help you explore and leverage widgets in Zoho CRM in this series.  
  • Extensions 101
Extensions extend the functionality of Zoho products and to integrate Zoho products with other business applications. This five-part Community learning webinar series aims to help developers (from beginners to advanced) build extensions for internal use or to publish in the marketplace.
  • Deluge 101
Data Enriched Language for the Universal Grid Environment, or Deluge, is an online scripting language that links 25+ products in the Zoho suite. It's a one-stop solution to performing actions and integrations across the suite. This multi-part webinar series aims to help aspiring developers with the concepts, tools, and techniques required to build custom functions, widgets, and much more using Deluge.
  • Functions 101
Learn to write Functions from scratch, the best practices, and how to use Functions to build basic yet effective solutions to meet your business needs. This is a four-part webinar series aimed at helping admins to use Zoho CRM to its full potential.
Don't miss out on the Custom Functions Learning Series on the CRM forum, where our experts will guide you through interesting business scenarios that can be tailored to your requirements using functions.
  • Zobot 101
This six-part webinar series aims to help aspiring bot-builders to learn vital concepts, tools, and techniques required to build fully functional AI chatbots bots for businesses and enterprises.

Zoho Developer Hangout  (ZDH)

We believe that by sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can accelerate our learning and create better solutions. ZDH aims to provide a platform for developers to share their expertise and learn from each other. The monthly virtual meetings are designed to help developers solve real-time business problems by leveraging Deluge and other programming languages.

The best part is, these sessions are presented by our esteemed Zoho Community members themselves, along with our team of product experts. This format offers community members the chance to engage in interactive discussions, share their own experiences, and gain valuable insights into innovative problem-solving strategies employed by their peers.

ZDH Episodes 

Zoho CRM Developer Series 

This series aims to make the developers explore the development capabilities in Zoho CRM and learn in-depth about each feature. These sessions will help developers to make the best use of these features in customizing Zoho CRM and extending its functionality to their business needs.

Check out the link below for the recording and answers for the questions raised by our participants during the session:
  • Part -1 Introduction to Client Script
We kicked off this series with the introduction of the Client Script feature that gives you a seamless platform for achieving and extending your business cases by allowing users to customize Zoho CRM with your business logic. Client Script is a piece of JavaScript code that runs on your web browser instead of the server.
For any questions/feedback/suggestions, send an email to developer(hyphen)community(at)zohocorp(dot)com

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