[New Release 2024] Create and embed custom capabilities across CRM with Kiosk Studio, our latest no-code tool

[New Release 2024] Create and embed custom capabilities across CRM with Kiosk Studio, our latest no-code tool

Hello folks!

Kiosk Studio, which was in early access, is now available to all customers in all DCs!

Kiosk Studio is a no-code customization tool in Zoho CRM. It allows admins to simplify work for their users, customers, and vendors by creating and embedding custom functionalities (called kiosks) across the CRM. Here's a quick look at how Kiosk Studio can help you:

The problem

A brand new CRM comes with a set of standard modules and configurations. This default setup serves as a great starting point for most organizations. However, every organization has its own way of modeling customer relationships and doing customer-related work. To get the maximum value from Zoho CRM, admins can make changes to the standard setup by configuring custom modules, custom fields, multiple pipelines, canvas pages, wizards, translations, and more. Customizing the CRM in this way is something most admins are familiar with.

When it comes to customizing the CRM by adding capabilities to it, the story is different. In these cases, admins have to invest a lot of development effort and time to meet their needs. This acts as a barrier to admins and slows down the process of boosting the power of the CRM to their users, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. It also slows down the process of making changes to the added capabilities.

Our solution

With Kiosk Studio, admins can quickly create custom capabilities (called kiosks) and make them available for all CRM users. They can do this by using the kiosk builder, a no-code interface that allows users to build capabilities by using some basic building elements.

The ease of building a kiosk does not mean there is a trade-off in power. In fact, a kiosk can bring in data from all modules in the CRM, have custom screens with fields not available in the CRM, perform actions for records across the CRM, fire webhooks, and execute custom functions. Once built, kiosks can be hosted in multiple places across the CRM. This gives admins a lot of options when it comes to sharing these capabilities with anyone related to an organization.

Use cases

Some use cases include:
  • A kiosk to quickly send vouchers to a bank's customers.

  • A car dealer added a kiosk to their CRM's homepage to add a lead and book a test drive in one shot.

  • This kiosk brings in all relevant data from the CRM to make insurance policy renewal easier.

  • An education consultancy's CRM has a kiosk to fill out a single application, leaving the CRM to take care of creating records across modules, sending emails, and so on.

  • A kiosk for sales development representatives to get their post-call actions done.

  • A kiosk full of useful capabilities for CRM admins.

  • A sales playbook kiosk providing tailored guidance to sales representatives.

To learn more about Kiosk Studio, please use the following resources:
Do let us know your feedback!

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