Shift Reminders Enhancement | Zoho Workerly

Shift Reminders Enhancement | Zoho Workerly

We’re excited to announce the newly enhanced shift reminders, the latest Workerly feature to help manage your temporary workforce!

Shift reminders help agents send notification to temps regarding their upcoming shifts and the associated job. This promotes punctuality, minimizes absenteeism, and fosters workforce responsibility.

Use cases

Streamlined communication: Temps stay informed of scheduling logistics

In a retail setting, Zoho Workerly's shift reminders prove invaluable. Temporary sales associates receive timely notifications about their shifts, reducing scheduling confusion and promoting punctuality. This enhances customer service and operational efficiency, ensuring a seamless retail experience.

Enhanced punctuality: Reduce late arrivals and absenteeism

In a call center, temporary agents receive notifications detailing their scheduled shifts, promoting timely attendance. This enhanced punctuality leads to improved call center performance, reduced downtime, and a more reliable and responsive customer support team.

Optimized operations: Fewer disruptions from missing temps

In a manufacturing facility, Zoho Workerly's shift reminders help you optimize the contribution of every temp in your organization. The feature ensures a smoother workflow by notifying temps in advance about shift details, including start and end times. This approach minimizes disruptions, streamlining production processes and maximizing overall operational efficiency.

Efficient utilization: Improve productivity with an on-time workforce

In an event management company, this feature helps in the efficient utilization of temporary event staff. By sending timely notifications detailing event schedules, the feature ensures that the temps are adequately prepared. This streamlined communication leads to the optimal use of resources during events, resulting in smooth operations, client satisfaction, and successful event execution.

Configure a customized reminder notification frequency based on your preferences. Leverage configurable options like:
  • Multi-select reminders  
  • Check-in vs check-out reminders
  • Notification timing
Say goodbye to scrambling when workers don’t show up on time! Shift reminders improve temporary workforce management.

Benefits of using shift reminders

Streamlined administration
  • Automated notifications reduce manual messaging needs.
  • Integrates seamlessly with check-in capabilities.
  • Unifies scheduling arrangements with worker records.
Maximized productivity
  • Consistent punctuality translates to reliable workforce availability.
  • Fewer operational disruptions from late temp arrivals.
  • Optimize labor output by setting accountable attendance expectations.
Better temp workforce utilization
  • Keep temps in the loop to maximize their role efficiency.
  • Allows flexibility in using just-in-time temp laborers.
  • Improve productivity of the temps.
Configuration options
  • Multi-select frequency preference for check-in and check-out reminders.

For more information on utilizing this feature, refer to our help article. As always, reach out to our stellar customer support team at if you have any questions or suggestions, drop a comment below.

Team Zoho Workerly