Dashboard Drill Down

Dashboard Drill Down


Previously, in Bigin's Dashboards, the Charts, Target Meters, and KPIs were static, which meant you could only view the data overview. However, with this new enhancement, you can now not only view the overview but also access the underlying data. This allows for more in-depth analysis so you can get more detailed information about each dashboard component.

Detailed information is presented in a list view format. You can click on specific entries to view their respective records. Also, the quick preview icon within the list view enables you to access details and make changes directly from this interface.

You can also navigate between stages/modules within this interface.

  • Dashboard Drilldown is available for all Charts, Target Meters, and KPIs
To learn more about this enhancement and Dashboards, please refer to this help document. 

That's all for this enhancement. We sincerely hope you find these improvements useful. Please give them a try and provide us with feedback in the comments section below. Watch this space for future announcements.