Data export enhancements

Data export enhancements


Previously, exporting data in Bigin would download all fields in the view. With this enhancement, however, you can select the specific fields you want to export.

Let's say you only want to download the customer's details, such as their name, phone, address, and email address. In such cases, you can use this feature instead of exporting all the other information. This will help you assemble more useful and concise reports.

You can export fields in three different ways:
  • All fields: Export all the fields available for the selected module.
  • Fields from the chosen view: Export the fields available in the view you have chosen.
  • Choose fields: Export only the fields you choose.

This can also be done from Setup > Data Administartion > Export Data > Start an Export.


  • The selected modules can be downloaded in a zip file, and the corresponding data is available in .CSV file format.
  • You can also download notes from each module by choosing a parent module for the notes. For example, to download notes for the Pipelines module, set the module as Notes and set Pipelines as the parent module.

  • The export link will be available for seven days, and you'll be notified about the link via a pop-up. You can also find the link in the Data Administration page.

  • This enhancement is currently not supported for the activity modules (Tasks, Events, and Calls), but will be supported in a future release.

Export limit: 

  • The previous limit was 100,000 records for an export. Now, each export operation allows you to export up to 200,000 records. This will massively reduce the time needed to export large amounts of data.
  • ​For the Free and Trial plans, you can initiate up to 10 exports per day. For the Express, Premier, and Zoho One plans, you can initiate up to 100 exports per day.
To learn more about this enhancement and dashboards, please refer to this help document.

That's all for these enhancements. We sincerely hope you find them useful. Please give them a try and provide us with feedback in the comments section below. Watch this space for future announcements.