Enhancements in Canvas

Enhancements in Canvas

Dear All,


Canvas lets you design the record details page to suit your brand or business preferences. We are glad to introduce the following enhancements to uplift your design experience.
  1. Reusable Components
  2. Style Presets
Let's go!
Reusable Components : Components like elements, style, and field data, form the structure of a template.
Thus far, you can either create a template from scratch or update an existing template from the gallery. Either way, if you want to use a particular component (for example: record owner info.) in all your canvases, you might have to recreate it or clone the template, edit and remove extra components each time.

Now for your convenience, we are providing the option to reuse components.

There are two ways in which you can reuse components,
  • You can save a desired component into reusable components and use it in another template.
  • You can use the pre-existing components from the gallery.
P.S.: These components can be reused across modules and the field data in the existing module will automatically be mapped with the field data of the new ones.

Style Presets: Style options like background, padding, border, radius, depth, and visibility can be applied to emphasize and customize the elements according to your preference.
Currently, these styles can be copy-pasted once in the same template, but it cannot be reused on different canvases.
Now, we are allowing to add these styles to presets, so that if you want to use the same style format in different modules, you can select the element and apply the saved style from the presets.

Also, like reusable components, you can use preferred style options from the gallery.

The following style options can be added to and used from presets:
  • Text, Label, and Value
  • Field
  • Section and Page
  • Tab
  • Related Lists
  • Table
  • Buttons

That is about the update, we have opened this feature for all users.
For more information about customizing canvas, refer to our help doc.

Thanks and have a good one!

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