Find matching jobs for temps

Find matching jobs for temps

We are thrilled to unveil a feature that will transform how you manage your workforce. With "Find Matching Jobs," your staffing operations become more efficient.

What is "Find Matching Jobs"?

"Find Matching Jobs" is your intuitive tool to match your temp workers with the perfect job opportunities. No more time-consuming manual searches, no more sifting through endless listings. 

Key Features:

  • Precision Matching: Find jobs that perfectly align with your temp workers' pay rates, job titles, and availability.
  • Filter by Date: Tailor your search with three flexible date options: "Any Time," "All Day," and "Time Range."
  • Time Range Options: Choose "Exact Time" for jobs that precisely match your specified time frame or "Open Time" for jobs within your chosen range, allowing for more flexibility.

How Does It Work?

Simply put, "Find Matching Jobs" empowers you to streamline your job search:
  • Looking for a job that fits your temp's availability, regardless of the time? Use "Any Time."
  • Need a job that covers the entire day? Opt for "All Day."
  • Want jobs within a specific time range? Select "Time Range."
  • Within "Time Range," pick "Exact Time" for precise matches or "Open Time" for flexibility.

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