GPS Geo-fencing is now live!

GPS Geo-fencing is now live!


A very happy new year to you all :)

The most awaited Zoho Workerly feature is finally here! With GPS Geo-fencing in Zoho Workerly, you can now setup virtual perimeters around your clients' place and get real-time updates of your temps' check-in, check-out, and break activities.

After a temp's shift is complete, you will be able to see the entire Time Log of the temp. There will even be pointers marked in red which are the times the temp was outside the designated geo-fence.

Location of your temps can be captured with their check-ins and check-outs and with Zoho Workerly's error-free geo-fencing tracking, payments can be processed to your temps seamlessly. 
Note: This location is retrieved only between check-in and check-out and not during the temp's break hours.

Click here to know how to enable the geo-fencing for Zoho Workerly.

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Team Zoho Workerly.