Introducing Bulk Shifts in Zoho Workerly

Introducing Bulk Shifts in Zoho Workerly

Recently, we redesigned your shift-scheduling experience with roster view. We hope it has simplified your temp scheduling process more than ever before. We have now added a new function that allows agents to better schedule shifts for their temps: creating bulk shifts. 

In a busy workplace, you can't always schedule, re-schedule, or delete shifts one-by-one. There may be scenarios where you need to create shifts with specific requirements. For example, when a client needs 10 nurses for the next 2 weeks, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. The 'Bulk Shifts' tool allows you to create these shifts.

Lets take a look at the feature:
As soon as you create a job, navigate to the scheduling dashboard, and you can view all matching temps. You can further refine this list using custom search criteria with advanced search. This search criteria can also be saved for future use.

From the matching temps list, you can choose the required number of temps at a time and create shifts in bulk.

In the following pop-up, you can review the selected temps and shift details. Clicking on Publish & Notify will confirm the shifts and notify temps.

You can Edit or Delete shifts any time. While deleting, you can choose to delete only the selected shift or the repeated schedule as a whole.
Excited? Learn more about how this feature works.
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May the tempforce be with you!
The Zoho Workerly Team