Introducing Custom Forms: Forms as unique as your event

Introducing Custom Forms: Forms as unique as your event

Attendees and sponsors are the cornerstones of a successful event, and keeping them satisfied means your ROI will soar. And it's the little things done right that set an excellent event apart from a merely good one. 
For example, you can impress your attendees by giving them a personalized experience. Centering the event around activities they enjoy, knowing their food preferences, or even helping them find accommodation — all of this, when combined with all the special things about your event they already love will give them an experience they won't forget anytime soon. With sponsors too, learning about their needs and expectations will go a long way in helping you figure out how to keep the partnership strong. However, getting this sort of information is difficult and time-consuming. 

Backstage hopes to make this job a little easier and a lot faster with custom forms. This way, you can add more fields to your default event registration and sponsor proposal forms. This allows you to ask the right questions at the very beginning and get all the information you need in one go. 

Design your form just the way you want

Get specific information from your attendees and sponsors by building simple and polished forms. Simply drag and drop one of the form fields from the Quick Fields section into the form and arrange the fields in any order you want. With eight different types of form fields available, you can opt for as much or as little information you want and have your attendees answer in paragraphs, numbers, or even have them choose from pre-set options. We also have a Custom Fields section with some of the more common form fields to help you save even more time.

Customize form field properties at will

There are quite a few editing options available to help you craft a form that's just right for your event. Being detailed in your explanation of the field ensures there's no confusion on the other end. Clear field names and instructive descriptions and placeholders will also help get you the exact data you want. Lastly, you can increase the readability of your form by grouping the fields by category and arranging them in single or double columns. 

Have easy and long-term access to the data 

All the data collected in the forms will be stored in the Event Console and can be accessed at any time, even after the event is completed. The information regarding your attendees will be available in the Registrations tab of your Event Console, and the sponsor details collected in the form will be available in the Sponsors tab of your Microsite Builder. All of this will be updated automatically when your attendees or sponsors modify it. This way, you can always have the latest information on hand. Also, you can export the attendee list and save it as a spreadsheet so you have a copy in your offline database. 
This feature is available for members on the Enterprise and Ultimate plans and those that own the Enterprise or Ultimate add-on.
Get started collecting information the most efficient way with custom forms for event registration and sponsor proposals and host your best event yet. Let us know what you think in the comments below. You can also start a discussion about this in our community or write to us at for any product-related questions.
Happy organizing!

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