Global Sets in CRM

Global Sets in CRM

Last modified on 18/04/2023: Global sets is now available for all Zoho CRM users in all DCs. Note that it was an early access feature available only upon request. Learn more about this feature in our help docs: Overview of global sets  | Working with global sets 

Hello all,

We are thrilled to announce Global picklists, a much awaited feature for CRM Admins! 

As administrators who implement and manage CRM solutions, you may have dealt with picklists that are present across multiple modules and have the same picklist values.

For example, consider picklists with industries as picklist values. These are used across leads, contacts, accounts, and custom modules. The purpose of collecting this detail is, among other things, to tailor our communications around the needs and perceptions of these industries.

Until now, you most likely have added and updated the values for each picklist to make sure that they were consistent across the CRM.

This would've involved the repetition of the same set of actions for each picklist. Needless to say, this is tedious and susceptible to error.

Now, we'd like to present a solution to make this task easier.

We're thrilled to introduce a new feature called Global Sets, which is designed to simplify working with similar picklist fields in Zoho CRM.

A global set is an admin-defined set of picklist values that can be associated with multiple picklists across modules.

In the case of industry picklists, we can:
  1. Create a global set called "Industry," with industries as picklist values.

  2. Associate the relevant picklists in the different modules with that global set.

  3. Make changes in the "Industry" global set and let the CRM take care of making changes in all other places, like associated picklists, existing records, workflow rules, etc.
Some other useful options include:
  1. Converting existing picklist values to a global set:

  2. Switching the association of a picklist from a local set to a global set and vice versa:

  3. Mapping values when switching from a local set to a global set to preserve data integrity*:

    *If the same value is present in the global set, the value is mapped automatically. It's mandatory to map a value if it's used in places like workflow rules, field updates, etc.
  4. Viewing all of the picklists associated with a global set:

Enterprise | Ultimate

  • Number of global sets: 10 (Enterprise) | 25 (Ultimate)
  • Number of picklists that can be associated with one global set: 15 (Enterprise/Ultimate)
  • Number of values in a global set: 1,000 (Enterprise/Ultimate)
  • For now, global sets can't be associated with multi-select picklists.
  • Number of picklists in a module that can be associated with global sets : 7

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