Introducing Lead Capture: Empower exhibitors to capture leads effortlessly

Introducing Lead Capture: Empower exhibitors to capture leads effortlessly

Events provide a great opportunity for exhibitors to generate awareness and engage with potential customers. Efficiently distributing attendee information to exhibitors through a seamless and secure way is of paramount importance.

Introducing Lead Capture in Zoho Backstage to help exhibitors streamline the collection, qualification, and management of leads. So how can your exhibitors benefit from using this feature?

Manage access control

Stay organized by managing booth members and their access permissions, which can be set at the category level, giving you to have granular control over which exhibitors have access to the Lead Capture tool. Exhibitors can invite members and add their details on the go right from the mobile app. When adding booth members, assigning them a role—admin or member—will also tailor their access and provide them with the appropriate level of permission.

Capture leads instantly

Move away from manual data entry and improve exhbitor-attendee interactions with higher ROI for exhibitors. Leads can be added swiftly and accessed digitally using the mobile app. The My leads option in the left panel in an event can be used to open Lead Capture. A participant's QR code can be scanned to fetch their lead information. With two scanning options available—Quick scan and Scan and qualify—these details can be captured instantly.

Qualify leads with additional notes

With the Quick scan option, only the QR code needs to be scanned in order to save the lead to your list. The lead quality will automatically be set as hot. With the Scan and qualify option, simply review pre-filled lead details, rate the lead's quality, and provide any additional notes or insights about your conversation. Recording notes specific to each lead can empower exhibitors to tailor their approach for future follow-up efforts, increasing the probability of converting prospective leads to customers.

View collected lead summary 

Lead reports can be viewed in real time as leads are captured at the event. Exhibitors can view individual lead profiles to get a comprehensive view of each attendee.

Booth members can filter and segment leads based on criteria such as lead quality and the booth member who captured the lead.

The lead list can also be kept up to date with the flexibility to edit saved information. Updates or corrections made to entered details will maintain its accuracy and relevancy. Also, when a particular lead no longer fits the desired customer profile, they can be deleted.

Securely export leads

Finally, you can safely export the lead list directly by email. As an enhanced security measure, the lead list is sent as a password-protected email attachment. Only booth admins will be allowed to export the report. This can then be selectively shared with the people who are authorized to access the information.

Equip exhibitors at your next event with Lead Capture and let us know how it went in the comments below. We're always looking for feedback on how we can improve our product to serve your needs better. You can also start a discussion about this in our community or write to us at for any product-related questions.
Happy organizing!

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