New in WorkDrive: Customize your WorkDrive layout to your preference

New in WorkDrive: Customize your WorkDrive layout to your preference

Hello everyone, 

We are back with another exciting updated for this month. You can now customize your WorkDrive account based on your personal choice using the user preferences setting. 

Choose a theme, customize view and sorting options for your WorkDrive account, and set a preferred default landing page. 

WorkDrive currently offers three theme options for you to choose from–Evergreen, Calming Blue, and Passion Red. 

For the default view, you can choose either List or Thumbnail to determine how you view My Folders, Org Folders, Team Folders, and the Favorites sections. You can modify the view at a folder level as well. If you do that, WorkDrive will remember to display the files based on the folder preference.

For example, let's say you've set the default view as List. Now you've modified one specific folder's view to Thumbnail since it mostly contains images. WorkDrive will remember to list all your images within that folder in the Thumbnail view every time you access it. 

Similarly, you can sort files by Last Modified, Name, or Time Created. The default option that you set will apply to files within your My Folders, Team Folders, and the Favorites section. 

You can also decide which page you want to be directed to every time you sign in or open your WorkDrive account. The default options are My Folders, Recent Files, and Last Opened Folder.

Here's how to customize these settings: 

  1. Click the Team name in the top-left corner of your WorkDrive account. 
  2. Select My Preference from the dropdown. This will open up the User Settings page. 
  3. From this page, you can customize the theme, default view, and sort options along with the default landing location. 

So what are you waiting for? Quickly head to your WorkDrive account and customize it the way you like. You can also check out our previous update on using Label to organize files to your preference.

Check back soon for more exciting Zoho WorkDrive updates!