Introducing Save as Draft

Introducing Save as Draft

We're excited to announce that Zoho Recruit now has a Save as Draft feature to help you hire uninterrupted. Keep reading to learn more about how this nifty addition can save you time.

What is the Save as Draft Feature?

The Save as Draft capability allows you to save any record (like job openings, candidates, interviews, departments, clients, contacts, vendors, and custom modules) as a draft directly within Zoho Recruit.

It uses an auto-save function, wherein Zoho Recruit will automatically back up your draft every minute. So you can start working on a record, save it as a draft, then come back and resume work later without worrying about losing your progress.

Key Benefits

Here are some of the key benefits this new Save as Draft feature offers:

1. Prevents lost work  

Accidental computer crashes, power outages, or other technical glitches can mean losing work and starting over. The auto-save functionality means your entries are always saved, protecting you from this risk.

2. More efficient, enhanced clarity  

The ability to save incomplete records as drafts vastly improves your process efficiency. No need to finish everything in one go! Take it slow, save your spot, then revisit the record when it suits your schedule. This makes managing complex and lengthy records much less daunting and provides enhanced clarity.

3. Flexibility to build records over time  

You have total flexibility to construct robust records over an extended period. Save the initial basis as a draft, then revisit periodically to flesh out all necessary fields until you're ready to save and publish.

Use cases

Comprehensive job descriptions

For highly detailed job posts, the Save as Draft feature is invaluable:
  • Save an initial draft with the basic overview to get started.
  • Fill-in the requirements, responsibilities, and benefits sections one at a time.
  • Refine the language around culture fit and company practices.
  • Get feedback from hiring managers and clients to ensure alignment, and tweak formatting for improved readability.
  • Confirm whether all details are accurate before creating the job opening.
No need to try tackling an exhaustive job description in one go! Build it up gradually and use Save as Draft to prevent any loss of work.

Complex interview scheduling

Coordinating interviews with multiple candidates and interviewers across several dates can be incredibly complex:
  • Save initial scheduling progress after adding key blocks of interview time slots. 
  • Continue layering in candidate names and interviewer assignments.
  • Modify schedules for any cancellations or date changes. 
  • Ensure proper interview order and spacing between slots.
  • Double-check the accuracy of included details before scheduling the interview.
Avoid having to rebuild tangled multi-date schedules from scratch! The Save as Draft feature protects interview scheduling of any complexity.

For more information on utilizing this feature, refer to our help documentation article on Save as Draft. As always, reach out to our stellar customer support team at with any questions or issues.
Thank you for using Zoho Recruit! We are committed to continuing enhancing our users' experience. We eagerly anticipate your feedback about this new feature.

Team Zoho Recruit

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