Spotlight series #11: Work on your slides from any location—even if you're offline!

Spotlight series #11: Work on your slides from any location—even if you're offline!

Hello everyone!

The feature in the spotlight this month is "creating and accessing your presentations offline."

Consider this: You are travelling for a last-minute business meeting and need to add the final touches to your slide deck on the plane. Or, maybe, you're working from somewhere picturesque, but the internet connection is not so pretty. These are just a couple of instances when Show's Offline feature comes in handy. Whether you are stuck on a plane or stranded on an island with limited connectivity, you can continue to access your slides. Zoho Show lets you create, view, play, and edit your presentations, even when you are not connected to the internet.

So how does this work?

Accessing presentations offline

To access your slides offline, you will first need to enable Offline mode from the left panel of Show's listing page. By default, your five most recent presentations will be available offline. You can also choose individual slide decks and create it for offline use. Any changes made by you and your collaborators will automatically sync to your account once your connection is restored. Syncing can be done manually as well. 

Creating presentations offline

Apart from accessing your slides, you can also create presentations from scratch. To create slide decks while offline, simply download a template, theme, or slide design and have it ready before losing your connection. Alternatively, you can use the default Whitepaper theme, which is always available without prior downloading. 

Revoking and disabling offline access 

You can always revoke offline access to a presentation, or even completely disable Offline mode, if required. You can also remove all the data—presentations and gallery components, slides, themes, or templates that are saved offline—to ensure data security and compliance.