Spotlight series #9: Add-ons that enhance your slide decks

Spotlight series #9: Add-ons that enhance your slide decks

Hello everyone!
The feature in the spotlight this month is "add-ons."

The ultimate goal of any presentation is to ensure the audience retains the information presented to them. A visual presentation helps you achieve this easily. Information, when conveyed through visuals, engages the audience and holds their attention. 

Zoho Show's add-ons helps you add visuals without exiting your presentation. With add-ons, you can create powerful, content-rich slide shows from right within the Show app.

How do you use add-ons in your slides?
In the top pane of the editor's page, click Add-Ons. You can also visit the Add-On Store within the app. Install your preferred add-on to use it in your presentation.

What add-ons are available in Show?
Show currently offers 11 free add-ons to create compelling presentations. These add-ons makes it easier to add images, videos, icons, emojis, and much more to your slides.

For images
A picture is worth a thousand words. An image helps your audience put your ideas into context. With the Unsplash and Pexels add-ons for Show, you can add high resolution stock images directly to your slides. 

Embed codes
A relevant video or image adds more credibility to your content. If you'd like to add a visual from the list of external sites approved by Show, you can use the embed code of the preferred visual.  

For videos
Sights and sounds capture the audience's attention. They also help explain content more effectively. Show's integrations with YouTube and Pexels help you add high quality videos to your decks.

For icons
Icons support your content. They can be more intuitive than text and help convey your content effectively. The Feather icons add-on for Show helps you easily find and add icons to your slides.

For GIFs
GIFs add a whimsical element to your slides. Popular on social media, GIFs can lighten the mood of your presentation when used appropriately. Add stickers and GIFs to your slides with the Giphy add-on for Show.

For live tweets
You can now add live tweets to your slides! If you are creating a presentation on a trending topic and would like to substantiate your information with tweets, use the Twitter Feed add-on for Show. 

For projects
With the Zoho Sprints integration for Show, you can add your agile project's progress and status directly to your presentation. All you have to do is select your team and the sprint created for the team will be displayed as a card.

For illustrations
Human illustrations always connect well with the audience. They also help you tell your story. Pablo Stanley's Humaaans enhance your decks with human illustrations.

For analysis
The Zoho Analytics add-on for Show helps you create reports and dashboards from your data. Simply select the required workspace, and access all the applicable visuals.

For emojis
Emojis have become a crucial part of our daily conversations. Show's integration with Twemojis helps you add a fun element to your slide using emojis.

Can I customize these add-ons?
Once added to your deck, all these add-ons can be customized according to your preference with the various formatting options.

To create, collaborate, and design decks on the go, download the Show app for iOS and Android.