Temp Based Rates

Temp Based Rates

We know finding the right temps for jobs is the hardest part. And the most depressing part? Finding temps with different base pays. Because this would add more work. Duplicate the same job for the client, multiple timesheets, multiple invoices, and the list goes on. What if we told you we came up with a solution for this?

Temp Based Rates

Now, you can assign temps with different pay rates to the same job. Unlike a job that is Based on Job Hours, the new option takes the individual temps' Base Pay per Hour into consideration when assigned to the job. After the job is done, the client approves their timesheets, and a single invoice with different rate split-ups is generated. It makes your work tremendously easy!

Just enter the Benefit Cost, Agency Margin Cost, Other Charges (if any), and let Zoho Workerly take care of the other calculations.

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There are more such amazing features coming up that will make your back office work easy!

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