Tips and Tricks 12: Color your ticket classes

Tips and Tricks 12: Color your ticket classes

Hello everyone,

Colors create visual interest, convey meaning beyond words, and can shape how information is perceived. Using color to distinguish your ticket classes can make your tickets stand out on your microsite or match them to your event's brand or theme.

Today we'll talk about how you can set this up for your ticket classes in Backstage.

When you create your tickets in the Tickets tab, each ticket will be assigned a color. You can modify this by selecting an option from the color picker when you create or edit your ticket. The color you choose will be used to represent the ticket class anywhere it appears in Backstage or your microsite and on Ticket PDFs sent to attendees.

By default, the ticket classes on the Tickets page will follow the colors of the theme you've selected for your microsite. You can stick with this if you don't want to deviate from the color scheme of your microsite. Alternatively, you can override the theme colors and follow the color settings you've set for individual ticket classes.

To do this, go to the Design tab and click the Tickets tab in the navigation bar on top. Hover over your tickets and click the Settings icon. In the resulting panel, select the Apply theme colors or Apply ticket class colors radio button in the Ticket card color section based on your needs. If you choose to follow theme colors, the color settings in other places such as the registration form or when referencing the ticket class in Backstage will remain unaffected and will adhere to the specific color settings that are configured for them.

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Happy organizing!

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