Tips and Tricks #55: Five effective ways to end a presentation

Tips and Tricks #55: Five effective ways to end a presentation

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When we aim to deliver a great presentation, we frequently prioritize the topic, content, and introduction while overlooking how to conclude it. It's important to ensure your slide deck is as compelling at the finish as it was at the start. A simple thank you might suffice, but there are many ways to wow your audience and close with a bang!

1. Summarize your session

The average attention span of a human is only 8 seconds. So it's only natural to conclude your speech by reiterating key points or by giving a summary to ensure that your ideas are conveyed effectively. For instance, when proposing a new project to your stakeholders, summarize the proposal and the outcome to indicate how it will contribute to your company's growth. If you're giving a product demo, give a rundown of the key features to help leads get a better understanding of how your product will help them.

2. Finish your session with a story

To lighten the mood of your session as it comes to an end, you can conclude with an engaging story. You can choose to narrate a customer's experience to help viewers connect more with your product, for example. This will increase your credibility with customers and build reliability for your business. Make the story interesting to draw the listener's attention and indirectly remind them of the context.

3. Ask for feedback or opinions

Allowing the audience to express their thoughts and opinions will help to improve the presentation and make it more conversational. For a product pre-launch, this feedback will serve as your ground-level market research, allowing you to realign your messages based on the feedback or helping to reaffirm that you are heading in the right direction. Similarly, the responses of your students following an online session will assist you in determining the topics that require more emphasis and the ones that can be briefly discussed. This will save you time and help improve the quality of your content.

4. Conclude with a call to action

With digitization, it's now easier to reach a larger audience from around the world. However, persuading them to interact during or after your session could still pose a real challenge. This is why it's critical to have an eye-catching CTA, as it will compel the viewers to act right away. Say you are presenting a sales pitch for a subscription-based product. It's ideal to wrap up with a discussion on the various subscription models and offers available. A final CTA with visible hyperlinks to access more product details will encourage viewers to take immediate action and improve your conversion rates. The goal of any sales pitch is to raise awareness about the product and generate leads. So be sure to give out your contact information for the audience and your prospects to stay connected.

5. Aim to end on a positive note

To leave a great impression with your audience, conclude your session on a positive note. For instance, if you are a marketer presenting your product's year-end report, showcase the excellent performance of your product at the end. You can explain how it did better than the previous year, as well as how you intend to do better in the next year. This will excite your viewers, giving them a reason to want to remain a customer for the long term.

While these are some ideas, always choose what's best suited for your audience. You can also try the slide options available within Zoho Show to create amazing ends to your slide deck.

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