Zoho FSM Introductory Series #1: Streamline Work Order Management

Zoho FSM Introductory Series #1: Streamline Work Order Management

In this series we make fly-on-the-wall observations as the folks at Hot&Cold* (a company in Santa Rosa, CA that offers HVAC services) leverage the many features of Zoho FSM to steer their field services business to success. This will aid you in assessing Zoho FSM and its suitability for your business.
*Hot&Cold is a fictional company created for this series.

Ready, set, go with every Request

How Zoho FSM made a difference

  • Dedicated Requests module
    The Requests module in Zoho FSM is designed to facilitate easy request management and tracking. It captures all the essential details needed for efficient request processing. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the Requests module according to your specific needs.

  • End-to-end support from request to service appointment
    The requests that are generated can be easily transformed into estimates or work orders. This not only reduces the need for manual input but also ensures that the data remains consistent from the initial request to the subsequent service appointment.

  • Triage requests with ease
    The Status and Priority associated with requests help you manage them efficiently so that requests are handled with the urgency and attention it requires. Convenient filter and search options enable you to find the requests easily.

  • Associate with territories, contacts, or companies
    Requests can be generated from either the Contacts or Companies module, allowing users to view all requests associated with a specific contact or company in a single place. Also, it is possible to allocate a territory to a request, ensuring that only the relevant field agents are assigned to the service appointments generated from these requests.

Don't keep them guessing with your Estimates !


How Zoho FSM made a difference

  • Send estimates from Zoho FSM
    From Zoho FSM, send branded estimates that include a link for approval or rejection. Based on the status of the estimate, a whole gamut of actions can be performed. The status of the sent estimate emails can be checked within the estimate record.

  • Convert to Work Order
    Once the estimate is approved, you can easily convert the estimate into a work order. This ensures that the work order created captures the services and parts that have been vetted by the customer.

  • Customizable Estimate Email Templates
    Using customizable templates, send accurate, and professional estimate emails in no time, every time. Minimize mistakes or omissions that may occur when estimate emails are manually created.

Manage your Work Orders with alacrity


How Zoho FSM made a difference

  • Dedicated Work Orders module
    Zoho FSM helps you create comprehensive work orders that capture all the required services and parts. From a work order, you can create service appointments for the services added.

  • Ensure follow-up
    Periodic follow-ups are necessary for certain services. From a work order record in Zoho FSM, you can create Follow Up Work Orders, and Follow Up Estimates guaranteeing that no follow-up tasks are overlooked.

  • Work Order-level Invoicing
    Ability to generate an invoice for an individual service line item of a work order or for multiple service line items of a work order. All invoices for a work order can be seen and managed from a single place.

Harness the power of Service Tasks


How Zoho FSM made a difference

  • Schedule composite services
    Services involving many components can be split into smaller service tasks that can be worked on simultaneously or at different times. This helps your dispatchers plan resources better. They can schedule a single task at a time or send multiple agents for different tasks, based on the needs of the customer.

  • Make it easy for the field agent
    If needed, service task can be partially completed and resumed later. Partially completed tasks can be assigned to different appointments. Thus, a work can be started by one agent and then assigned to another agent. This would also enable agents to switch between tasks at different customer locations seamlessly.

  • Keep track of progress
    Field agents can start a unique timesheet for a service task. This gives you data for each portion of work done at the job site and helps you get a clear idea of the progress of work.

Make the right choice for your field service business as Hot&Cold. Sign up for Zoho FSM today!!!
Stay tuned for the next part of the series !!!
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