Connect your instant chat messengers and assist users from SalesIQ

Connect your instant chat messengers and assist users from SalesIQ

Instant messaging platforms are one of the best and simple ways to connect and engage with your leads and customers in modern times. Businesses are investing heavily in growing their brand's image in social media. Due to this extended reach, lots of new leads land and connect with you via these platforms. To manage those conversations and information from your side, it will be expensive and not resource efficient to have dedicated operators for these different platforms. 

Due to various limitations of mobile phones and the web version of these apps, it would not be easy to provide the adequate support. The most effective way to overcome this is by adding your social media to your well-established support and engagement platform like SalesIQ using Channels. Now let's discuss some amazing features of Channels in SalesIQ. 

Attend chats from multiple platforms in a single dashboard

Let's say you have only one available operator at the moment, a new visitor sends out a message to your Facebook page and your customer texts you on WhatsApp. Without compromising you can attend both their chats from a single dashboard using SalesIQ and chat with them simultaneously. 

Avoid signing in and out while using multiple accounts

Logging in and out or switching between different Facebook accounts while assisting visitors of all your brands can be tiring and can lead to missed out conversations. Using Channels in SalesIQ, you can connect multiple Facebook accounts and support different Facebook pages all from one place without having to log in and out each time. 

Have one operator take care of all your social media platforms 

Without SalesIQ, it would be almost impossible to have one operator to take care of the queries from different social media platforms. To support visitors, they would have to switch back and forth between these app in their phones or web browsers. With SalesIQ they can manage all the ongoing conversation using the single advanced operator chat window.  

Use advance features to enhance your social media support

The mobile apps and web versions of the individual app are minimal when it comes to effective support. If you want to send a pre-drafted long message, you would have to go to a different app and copy the text and paste it in the input field. This would be very time-consuming and result in many manual errors. 

With features like Canned messages you can send a long pre-drafted message with a few clicks right from the operator chat window. Share articles, FAQs, rich media, etc., can also add up to your support experience. 

To add your social media to SalesIQ click on the following links: 
  1. Facebook messenger
  2. Telegram
  3. WhatsApp 
  4. Instagram (Coming soon)