Tip of the week #16: Associate Zoho Calendar events with Zoho Apps.

Tip of the week #16: Associate Zoho Calendar events with Zoho Apps.

Events created in Zoho Calendar can be associated to other Zoho Apps such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Tasks, and Zoho Notes simultaneously. When you associate events to these apps, the details of the event will be added to the respective app and can be managed from there.

Zoho CRM

When a Zoho Calendar event is associated to Zoho CRM, it becomes a task in Zoho CRM. The tasks can be viewed in Zoho CRM's Activities tab.  In Zoho CRM, you may assign a task's priority and track its progress. Learn more.

Zoho Tasks

Associating a Zoho Calendar event with Zoho Tasks helps to create a task in Zoho Mail suite's Tasks. You can view your event as a Personal Task by logging into Zoho Mail and navigating to Tasks on the left pane of the screen. Learn more.

Zoho Notes

When you add an event to Zoho Calendar and associate it to Zoho Notes, a note is created in Zoho Mail suite's Notes. Learn more.

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