Tip of the week #32: Privately share personal calendars from Zoho Calendar.

Tip of the week #32: Privately share personal calendars from Zoho Calendar.

In Zoho Calendar, you can share your calendars with specific people or groups, by using private sharing option provided for each of your personal calendars. Making your calendar public might not be ideal always as your schedule becomes exposed to everyone. In such case, you can limit the number of people accessing your calendar by sharing the private URL to specific people.

To share your personal calendars privately, right click the calendar from the left pane of the calendar and click Edit (or) Go to Settings  > Calendar > Calendars > My Calendars and click on the calendar you want to share privately.

Make sure you disable the Public access and Organization access to the calendar from the Edit Calendar tab. 

Copy the iCal URL of the calendar under the Private URL section and share it to the people with whom you want to share your schedule. You can also stop their access to your calendar by using the Reset button available next to the Private URL section. Learn more.

Your friends can subscribe to the calendar you have shared by using the Subscribe using Web URL option available in Zoho Calendar or any other calendar application.

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