Cleanup of inactive verified domains

Cleanup of inactive verified domains

Greetings from the Zoho Accounts team!

We are bringing a new addition to our existing domain cleanup process. We already have a domain cleanup process for unverified domains, which happens after 90 days. We are extending it to inactive verified domains as they cause many issues with their huge amounts of stale data.

Now, we have two domain cleanup processes: one for unverified domains and the other for inactive verified domains.

Cleanup process for inactive verified domains

We'll show an announcement to the organization administrators about the domains that are set to expire within the next 30 days and the ones that have already expired. If the administrator takes no action, the expired domain will be marked "unverified." It will be permanently deleted 90 days after marking it as an unverified domain.

Announcement after signing in:

How to prevent a domain from being included in the cleanup process

This announcement will redirect the administrators to > Organization > Domains, where they need to follow up as categorized below to prevent the domain from getting deleted permanently.

1. Expired domains:
For an expired domain, the administrator needs to renew the purchase at the domain registrar and then re-verify the domain.

2. Domains about to expire:
For a domain that is about to expire, the administrator needs to renew the purchase at the domain registrar.

3. Unverified domains:
For an unverified domain, the administrator needs to complete ownership verification via one of three methods: TXT, CNAME, or HTML.

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