Hebrew Right-to-Left (RTL) support is now live on SalesIQ!

Hebrew Right-to-Left (RTL) support is now live on SalesIQ!

Hello everyone!

In our ongoing commitment to diversify SalesIQ for a wide range of users, we are happy to share an update that enhances the SalesIQ experience for our Hebrew-language users. The Hebrew Right-to-Left (RTL) support has arrived on SalesIQ and this update seamlessly accommodates the RTL format, providing a more natural and accessible interface for our Hebrew users.

What's New?

With the increasing number of requests from our users worldwide, last year we introduced RTL support in Arabic, with more languages in the pipeline. Hebrew has now been added to the 'Right to left' bandwagon, ensuring a user-friendly experience for our Hebrew-speaking community.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Interface: The entire SalesIQ interface has been optimized to support right to left format, providing a familiar and comfortable environment in the language of their choice for our Hebrew users.
  • Enhanced Readability: Text alignment, navigation, and overall layout has been tailored to ensure a smooth reading experience in Hebrew, aligning with the natural flow of the language. 

Hebrew language in action

  • For Operators (SalesIQ dashboard)

Operators can choose to enable Hebrew as their chosen portal language, which will seamlessly display SalesIQ for them in the right to left format in Hebrew.

This transition to RTL - Hebrew includes the entire portal along with the live view dashboard, operator view, and all other screens of your SalesIQ portal.

  • For visitors (Website chat window)

The website chat window's language can also be changed to match with your visitor's language. With Hebrew support, visitors can type away and chat in Hebrew on the SalesIQ chat window, allowing a smooth chat experience for visitors when they interact with you.

For more details on this update, check out our user-guides for the steps on enabling RTL Hebrew support for your SalesIQ portal and website chat window
This is a significant step in our commitment to ensuring that SalesIQ caters to the diverse needs of our user base. Do share your thoughts and feedback on this update.

Happy navigating in Hebrew with RTL support on SalesIQ!