Zoho CRM Plus in 2023: Let's rewind

Zoho CRM Plus in 2023: Let's rewind

Hey everyone,
There's something about December that makes us want to sit back and remember all the wonderful moments, as we get ready for the New Year, 2024!
(Psst! We are also turning 10—yay!)
This year, CRM Plus had a lot of wonderful updates, taking more steps to make the customer experience easy for your business. Let's review them, shall we?

Understanding the customer journey with Path Finder

Path Finder in CRM helps you understand the various customer touchpoints in your business. This gives you a fair idea of how customers approach your business, and how they complete the entire journey. With this insight, businesses can modify their various processes, ensuring a positive customer experience and reduce customer churn.
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Send SMS notifications to your customers

Your CRM now comes with a built-in option to send out SMS notifications to your customers. There are various scenarios where notifying customers comes in handy. It could be about an event, when an item is purchased, reminders about payment due dates, and so on.
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Automate using Actions by Zoho Flow

In workflow rules, any action that has to be done outside the CRM ideally involves setting up a custom integration. With Actions by Zoho Flow, you can set up any action to be executed automatically with Zoho and other third-party applications that can be integrated using Zoho Flow.

Use Campaigns's SMS gateway to send SMS campaigns

The Campaigns module in CRM Plus comes with our in-house SMS gateway which lets you send SMS campaigns in India, the USA, and Canada. This makes it easy to manage email and SMS campaigns in the same module.

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Convert messages into tickets

Prospects and customers reach out to your business through various messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, and so on. This form of communication is also one of the most popular channels customers use to share their issues, hoping for a swift resolution. With the Instant Messaging module in Desk, agents in your business can easily converse with customers and convert their messages to tickets to address the issues in detail.

Send outbound messages via WhatsApp

Desk in CRM Plus lets you create HSM (Highly Structured Message) template messages to send to your contacts via WhatsApp. This lets you proactively reach out and engage your audience with ease.

Interact via Facebook Messenger

The Instant Messaging module lets you connect your Facebook profile and continue your conversations with a Facebook user right from Desk in CRM Plus.

Inbox in Social: One place for all interactions

Inbox lets you manage all your social media interactions, such as comments, replies, reviews, messages, questions, dark comments, and so on across various social media channels. You can track and assign them to your team members manually or automatically from Social.
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Create Facebook reels, Instagram stories, and posts on Mastodon

Social in CRM Plus extended support to publishing reels on Facebook, stories on Instagram, and posts directly on Mastodon. You can also get in-depth analytics on the performance of these posts across all channels.
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Updates to Zia

Our AI assistant, Zia, has a lot of features to help make things easy for your business.

Zia can suggest the best users to assign to a particular lead and intelligently score the lead to help your sales team prioritize tasks. She can also suggest the next best experience for your lead or contact, understand the sentiment, or suggest a suitable subject line for emails.
With Zia's generative AI capabilities powered by OpenAI, she can help you draft emails in CRM, explore more about a field, draft support tickets, generate a summary of a live interaction, compose posts on social media, and more.

Apart from these, we made other new enhancements and updates for CRM Plus. We have a lot more planned for 2024, too!
We would love to hear your thoughts on these updates. Feel free to share your stories on how CRM Plus made things simple for your business.
Cheers to a blessed and happy 2024!

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      Hey everyone, There's something about December that makes us want to sit back and remember all the wonderful moments, as we get ready for the New Year, 2024! (Psst! We are also turning 10—yay!) This year, CRM Plus had a lot of wonderful updates, taking
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