Integrating Facebook Messenger with Zoho Desk

Integrating Facebook Messenger with Zoho Desk

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger integration is one of the popular IM channels that will help customers communicate with their users via configured Facebook pages. To configure a Facebook page, the customer must authenticate the user profile and provide the needed permissions for the business pages they want to manage via instant messaging.

How it works

The Messenger platform allows your app to send and receive messages between your Facebook Business Page and your customers, potential customers, and followers. These conversations are supported by the Messenger from Meta infrastructure and appear as Messenger conversations. Conversations can begin via the Facebook Page for your business, your Page's Facebook Posts, your website via a chat plugin, and more. Facebook Messenger is a popular American messaging app that enables you to send business messages through Facebook.

The messaging flow

When a person sends a message to your Business Page or Instagram Professional account, a webhook is triggered to notify you that your Business Page or Instagram Professional account has received a message. Your app can then call the Meta social graph to get this conversation, determine the appropriate reply, and send a response within 24 hours. The platform allows you to do this at scale and provides various conversation entry points and message types.
This article details how you can add the Facebook Messenger channel.

The on-boarding process

 1. Log in to your Zoho Desk account with administrator privileges.
 2. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.

3. Under Channels, click Instant Messaging.
4. Click Configure corresponding to Messenger on the Instant Messaging page.

5. Click Create Channel on the Messenger page.
Note: The number of channels you create cannot exceed the departments in your account.

6. On the Add Channel page, follow the below steps:
      a. Upload an icon for the channel.
The icon size cannot exceed 1 MB and should be in the .jpg, .png, or .jpeg format.
      b. Enter a name for the channel.
      c. Select the FB Page added under Step 7.
      d. Select the department in which you want to receive messages.
      e. Click Save.

7. To link your Facebook business, log in to your Facebook account as a user with Admin privileges for all accounts being added, then follow the on-screen instructions to authorize Zoho Desk to use your Facebook account.
      a. Log in to your Facebook account.

      b. Enter the password and click Continue to link your Facebook account.

      c. Click Continue on your current business account to Zoho Desk window.

      d. Select all the Facebook pages you want to manage in Zoho Desk, and ensure page permissions are toggled to Yes.

      e. Click Done.
After the successful addition of the Facebook Pages, you will be led to the below alert, which says that you have successfully linked your Zoho Desk account with Facebook.


    •    There's a 1600-character limit for messages sent through Facebook Messenger.
    •    Facebook Messenger allows a business only seven days to respond to the end user before the messaging window closes. To prevent messages from being sent but not delivered, the composer will be blocked once the messaging window is closed. The only way to re-open it is if the end-user sends a new message.

Cases when the Facebook Page's authentication fails

  1. When the OAuth token expires, a new OAuth token will be generated by re-authenticating the Facebook page.
  2. When the page_permission for a particular page is revoked, the user has to log in to the Facebook business account where the page is available and re-authenticate the page. 
  3. Also, when you want to add a new Facebook page to the existing list of channels, re-authentication has to be done to allow the page to receive and send messages.
  4. During authentication, if the user accidentally de-selects a page which was previously configured to an existing IM channel, then the user cannot send a message to it as its page permission would have been revoked. 
  5. Suppose the user removes their social account permission from the Facebook settings. In that case, its access token will be revoked, and the user must re-authenticate using the same account.
  6. After 60 days, the access token expires automatically, so the user must re-authenticate the page and generate the access token.

Steps to Re-authenticate the Facebook page:

1. Log in to your Zoho Desk account with administrator privileges.

2. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.

3. Under Channels, click Instant Messaging.

4. Click Configure corresponding to Messenger on the Instant Messaging page.

5. Select the Facebook page from the available list of channels.

6. Under the Edit Channel page, find the Re-authenticate option next to the associated Facebook page.

7. Follow the steps to re-authenticate the Facebook page from 7a to 7e under the onboarding process.

Instant Messaging Preferences

At any time, you can update your preferences for each of the instant messaging channels created in your help desk. The preferences allow you to assign a different set of agents for each channel. Additionally, you can specify after how long a new ticket should be created for responses received on an existing chat. By default, the threading intermission is set to 60 minutes. Any replies coming in after 60 minutes will create a new ticket. You can extend this period up to 24 hours under preferences.

To associate agents with channels:

1. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
2. Click Instant Messaging under the Channels menu.
3. Click Preferences under the Instant Messaging sub-menu.
4. Select a department from the top of the page.
5. Click Associate Channel corresponding to an agent.
6. Select the instant messaging channels you wish to associate with the agent.
7. Click Save. The agent can view conversations from the chosen channels and reply to customers instantly.

Delete a Messenger Channel

You can delete a Messenger channel if you wish to stop sending or receiving messages in it. The channel's existing conversations will stay intact, but the agents will not be able to respond, transfer or block the associated chats.

To delete a channel:

1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar. 
2. Under Channels, click Instant Messaging
3. Click Messenger on the Instant Messaging page. The list of channels created in your account will be displayed.
4. Click on the horizontal ellipsis at the top-right corner of your channel, followed by Delete Channel.
5. Click Yes, Delete on the confirmation dialog box. The channel will be deleted.
Once the channel is deleted, you will not be able to send or receive messages. Even though the chats are intact (read-only), the agents cannot transfer or block the existing chats.

Deactivating a Messenger Channel

You can deactivate a Messenger channel if you wish to stop sending or receiving messages in it. The channel's existing conversations will stay intact, and you can activate it again when required.

To deactivate a channel: 

1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar. 
2. Under Channels, click Instant Messaging
3. Click Messenger on the Instant Messaging page. The list of channels created in your account will be displayed.
4. Turn off the toggle corresponding to the channel you want to deactivate. 
5. Click Deactivate on the confirmation dialog box. The channel will be deactivated.

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