4 exciting enhancements to enrich your digital training experience

4 exciting enhancements to enrich your digital training experience

With access to education having been made much easier through eLearning, the digital education marketplace is now making greater strides. To keep up with this exciting pace, we're excited to reveal ShowTime's latest enhancements, released over the past few weeks, to make your training experience more enjoyable and productive.

Re-order your On-Demand training materials to suit your convenience 

When you customize On-demand courses, there is always a specific order in which you want your learners to view your lessons. This might not be the order in which you added them, or maybe you've changed the configuration of these materials since you created the training. ShowTime now allows you to easily reorder the lesson materials in any order you wish, and your changes will be immediately reflected on your students' end, too.

Add a trainer even after the session begins

Most of our customers are familiar with the great benefits of having a co-trainer or a guest trainer during a live session. Previously in ShowTime, it was necessary to add an additional trainer before the session starts. But in some cases, the admin may have forgotten to add the trainer, or maybe the amount of questions and chats are overwhelming and you wish to add an extra trainer at the last hour to help handle them. Considering all such cases, ShowTime now allows you to add another trainer even after the session begins. These extra trainers can be added on the go in a live session, making any last-minute issues and session planning easier to handle.

Search for attendee with name or email address

When you have hundreds of learners joining your virtual training, it might sometimes be difficult to pick or identify a particular trainee. You can now search for an attendee with their name or email address inside ShowTime's virtual classroom. This helps you connect with any specific individual much faster, monitor their involvement, and build a personal connection. 

Get to know your guest participants better 

When you disable the registration requirement in ShowTime, people can join a training session as "Guests." We have now given Guest attendees the option to enter their name and email address when they join a session.

This helps you track who attended your sessions and learn about their backgrounds and interests more easily. Of course, this is optional and people can still opt-out of giving their details. You can always use ShowTime's registration feature to make it mandatory for registrants to provide their name and email address. 
We hope our recent updates and enhancements will help you personalize your training sessions, curate highly specialized courses , and most importantly, deliver your expertise to a much broader audience than traditional classroom methods. Try these enhancements in your upcoming training sessions and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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