Important: Update to the Dropbox integration authentication model

Important: Update to the Dropbox integration authentication model

This is a formal notice to all Zoho Sign customers using the Dropbox integration for automatic cloud backup and to import/export documents. 

Dropbox has recently updated their authentication model and their new model will support backward compatibility only for a limited duration. As a result, the old authentication tokens used in existing integrations between Zoho Sign and Dropbox will only work till 15 June, 2022.
Therefore, we request you to re-authenticate your existing integration. This will automatically take you through the new authentication flow and allow you to continue using the Dropbox integration without any disruption into the future.

Note: If you have already re-authenticated your Dropbox integration, you can ignore this notice.

To perform the re-authentication, simply log in to Zoho Sign and access the Cloud Picker or the Cloud Uploader tool, select Dropbox and sign in again. If you are already signed into Dropbox, you will have to choose Sign-in as a different user and sign in again to your existing account. This will generate tokens under the new authentication model and you will be able to use the integration as you did before.

To access the Cloud Picker tool:
  1. Click on Send for signatures or Sign yourself in your Zoho Sign dashboard.
  2. Select the Import option where you click to add files.
  3. Continue to re-authenticate Dropbox as described above.

To access the Cloud Uploader tool:
  1. Open the Documents tab from the left navigation pane in your Zoho Sign dashboard.
  2. Click on any document from the list displayed to open the Detailed Document View.
  3. Select Save to cloud from the actions available.
  4. Continue to re-authenticate Dropbox as described above.

If you're an administrator, you can also access the Cloud Picker tool from the Automatic cloud backup tab in the Account settings section of your Zoho Sign organization. If you have set up automatic cloud backup to Dropbox, we recommend that you do this for undisrupted backups.
Please do this before 15 June, 2022 to avoid disruptions in your usage of the Dropbox integration.

If you run into any issues or need assistance, write to and we will be in touch. 
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