Recurring Tasks and Reminders in Projects

Recurring Tasks and Reminders in Projects

Recurring tasks are tasks that are created once, and then recreated automatically after a designated time period. For example, the invoice for your billable tasks is due every week. You can set that task to recreate itself every week. Also, the future recurring task is not created if the previous one is not completed. Here's how it works. 

Creating recurring tasks
Click on an existing task or create a new task. And then click Make it Recurring to set the recurring frequency. You can set it to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

You can also choose to end the task after a specific number of occurrences or repeat the task forever, without an end date.

How are recurring tasks differentiated from the other tasks?
Recurring tasks are highlighted with the recurring icon.

Where can you view the recurring tasks?
You'll see the recurring tasks on the Calendar, Gantt Chart, and Resource Utilization Chart.

Although, the future recurring tasks are not created until the previous one is completed, you can view them virtually.  

Future instances of recurring tasks are displayed virtually based on their recurring frequency. In the Calendar, you can open and edit only the active recurring task; the virtual recurring tasks cannot be edited. Neither can you perform any action on those virtual tasks, they just serve as a reminder for your convenience about the project schedule.

Future instances of recurring tasks are also displayed virtually in both the Gantt and Resource utilization charts. Only the active recurring task is displayed as task bar, whereas the future instances of recurring tasks are displayed as dotted lines, just as a reminder.

You can also set reminders for your tasks, to manage your project schedule. 

Set reminders for tasks
Click on an existing task or create a new task to set the reminder.  Click Remind on and then select the desired option to set reminders. 

 In Remind on, if you select:

  • None : There will be no reminder mails for tasks.
  • Daily : Reminder mails are triggered daily from the scheduled date in Start Date until the Due on date. (Mail notification is sent every day, from the selected start date until its due date.) Also, based on Business Hours settings, reminder mails are sent even if the task Start Date and End Date falls on a weekend or holiday.
  • On the same day : Reminder mails are triggered only on the scheduled Due on date. (Mail notification is sent only on the due date of the task.) Also, based on Business Hours settings, reminder mails are sent even if the task Due on date falls on a weekend or holiday.
  • day(s) : You can set reminder mails to be triggered for any desired number of days, ahead of the scheduled  Due on date. For example, you can set reminder mails to be triggered 3 days before the Due on date. Also, based on Business Hours settings, if you have skipped weekends in you settings, reminder mails are calculated and sent skipping the weekend or holiday.

The reminder for the task is then successfully updated. And an email is also automatically triggered for the set time period. However, you cannot set reminders for elapsed dates.

Let us know, for what events you have created recurring tasks in your project.

Mughil David
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