Tiny Tip Tuesday #5

Tiny Tip Tuesday #5

Know your audience

As you exercise caution while writing survey questions by keeping things short and optional, it's equally important to know your audience. Take time to research the group you'll be addressing and send them personalized invites while also ensuring their privacy. Consider formulating questions from their point of view to make them feel seen and heard. Respect their time, and be polite. As we previously discussed the importance of stating the survey goals, it's always best to communicate the expected timeframe for completing the survey before they get started.

Be sure to keep an eye out for language errors, as mistakes in your survey can be costly if valuable responses are lost. Keep your survey questions free from any grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Make sure your questions are appropriately geared towards your target audience, and avoid using unnecessary jargon or terminology that they wouldn't relate to. First time visitors could potentially become loyal, long-time customers if your language remains diplomatic and considerate. Know that well-constructed surveys have the power to make conversions happen!

Stay tuned for next week's tip.

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