Tip of the Week - Auto Analysis

Tip of the Week - Auto Analysis

Are you left pondering over a pile of data tables often, and thinking where and how to start creating reports and dashboards in Zoho Analytics? With Zoho Analytics' Auto Analysis option, you need not have to worry about it anymore. 

What is this Auto Analysis option all about?

Well, Auto Analysis is one of the many areas where Zoho Analytics uses MI and AL techniques to automatically generate a variety of most relevant reports and dashboards on a given data set. This helps in reducing the time taken to create the reports and dashboards manually, and will be of aid when you have a new data set and are not quite sure what reports to create.

Interesting. How do I use this option?

Once you import data into Zoho Analytics, you will get a dialog box asking for your permission to auto-generate reports. Clicking Yes will generate the most relevant reports and dashboards.

You can also auto-generate reports for an existing table in Zoho Analytics. To auto-generate reports for an existing table, follow the below steps:
  1. From the table for which you are auto-generating reports and dashboards, click New icon > With Auto Analysis or Create > With Auto Analysis.
  2. In the Select Base Table dialog that opens, select the table name for which you wish to auto-generate reports and click OK.  (This dialog appears when you navigate through Create > With Auto Analysis.)

On successful creation of reports and dashboards, you will get a " Reports Successfully Auto Generated " message along with the most relevant dashboard opened for preview.

The reports will be neatly organized inside folder(s) with a temporary tag "Newly Auto Generated Reports." As with any other reports, you can edit/customize these reports and dashboards too, any time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your data to Zoho Analytics and let auto analysis do the magic.

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