Zoho Books is now integrated with Slack messenger

Zoho Books is now integrated with Slack messenger

Zoho Books is glad to announce its latest integration with Slack, a messaging app for teams.

If you are a Slack user, and you seldom log into your Zoho Books account, then we have got the perfect news for you. With our latest integration, you can monitor your customer's Client Portal activities over Slack.

The notifications that are triggered based on your customers’ actions in the Client Portal gets simultaneously pushed into your preferred Slack channel (#general, #random, etc.)

The integration notifies your team when a customer views or comments on an estimate, makes payment or submits a review. With the combination of Zoho Books and Slack, your team will have round-the-clock access to the conversations that had happened over a customer's activity. 

Hurry up! Hit the Gear like settings icon in your Zoho Books organization and click on ' More Settings' option. Navigate to the ' Integrations' section on the left pane and select ' Other Apps'. You would be seeing Slack Integration as one of the listed options. Click on Add to Slack and start receiving updates on customer's Client Portal activities within your Slack messenger. 

Refer this help link for more details about Slack Integration.

Going forward, we welcome all your suggestions and feedback so that we can enhance it upto your requirements and expectations.

Varun Singh
Product Marketer
Zoho Books

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