Zoho Developer Community Monthly Digest - February 2024

Zoho Developer Community Monthly Digest - February 2024

Hello everyone!

We're thrilled to share the highlights from February, including our recent in-person Bootcamp and exciting news about our growing extension library. Don't miss out on upcoming events, insightful resources and community discussions. Let's get started!

February Highlights

Zoho Developer Community Bootcamp (In-Person)

We had a blast hosting our very first in-person Developer Community Bootcamp at Zoho Campus in Chennai! It was exciting to see everyone dive into hands-on learning sessions, building extensions for Zoho products. Our goal was to empower developers of any skill level, help them learn the ropes, and potentially earn by listing their extensions on the Zoho Marketplace. 

Zoho Extensions Chennai Bootcamp: A snapshot of radiant faces
Zoho Extensions

Big news! We're celebrating reaching 2000+ extensions in 40+ categories on Zoho Marketplace! 800,000+ Zoho users are using extensions to improve customer experiences, boost collaboration, break data silos, improve ROI, and much more. Learn more about this milestone here. If you're new to extensions and eager to explore, check out our Extensions 101 series.

Upcoming Events

  1. Zoho Developer Hangout 14: By serving as gateways for accessing and sharing functionalities and data across applications, APIs empower developers to tap into external resources and services that enrich their applications with enhanced features and solutions. Eric, a consistent top contributor in the Zoho Developer Community, says, "Zoho APIs can be fun to use. For core applications like CRM, Desk, and Books, there is an abundance of API endpoints to use and play with. Whether you are developing in or out of Zoho, there is a lot of commonality."In this episode, he will discuss the API documentation, limitations, and gotchas, using the API in Deluge, and then a demonstration of a use case outside of Zoho with a Ruby application. Registration and more details here.

  2. Zoho QEngine 101: We are happy to announce Zoho QEngine 101 series for the developer community consisting of five webinars in total. This webinar series aims to enable attendees to create test cases from scratch, manage them under modules, and execute them for three different platforms—web, mobile, and API—using Zoho QEngine. Registration and more details here.

  3. Zoho CRM APIs: In this series, you will learn about OAuth2.0 authorization used by Zoho CRM APIs, CRUD operations for retrieving, creating, updating, and deleting records, efficient search/query methods, data synchronization techniques for consistency across platforms, and working with SDKs for seamless integration of Zoho CRM functionality into applications. Registration and more details here.

  4. Creator Tech Connect: Creator's tech connect series would comprise of technical sessions that provide immersive training on the key essentials and technical nuances of building a solution in Zoho Creator. This is a great opportunity for our developer community to stay informed about Creator's new feature releases, product roadmap, best practices to follow while scripting in deluge, new deluge concepts, and cloud functions. We are conducting a three-month series on Custom widgets: Extension in Zoho Creator and its development process. The recent session of the series focused on widgets from Marketplace as Extensions in Zoho Creator, while the upcoming session will be about using Widget extension development for Zoho Creator.

    Title: Widget extension development for Zoho Creator
    Date: March 14, 2024
    APAC & ANZ: 11 AM to 12 PM IST - Registration Link
    EMEA: 4 PM to 5 PM IST - Registration Link
    Americas: 9 PM to 10 PM IST - Registration Link

  5. Application Development Bootcamp: Application Development Bootcamp is a three-day webinar on Zoho Creator features and the application-building process. During these sessions, users get to learn, how to turn their ideas into fully functional applications through live sessions and exercises. The webinars, each lasting an hour, cover sessions on ideating, structuring, developing, and managing solutions in Zoho Creator.

    Title: Application Development Bootcamp 1.0
    Date:  March 19, 20 and 21, 2024
    APAC & ANZ: 11 AM to 12 PM IST - Registration Link
    EMEA: 4 PM to 5 PM IST - Registration Link
    Americas: 9 PM to 10 PM IST - Registration Link

  6. Streamline workflows with Zoho CRM Event Listeners in Catalyst: Join us for an exclusive deep dive into the revolutionary Zoho CRM Event Listener in Zoho Catalyst! As a tech enthusiast, you know the power of seamless integrations and real-time data updates. With Catalyst's Event Listeners, streamlining workflows and amplifying efficiency of your Zoho CRM events is a breeze. Uncover how Zoho Catalyst's Event Listeners empower your applications to scale effortlessly. Whether it's handling a surge in activity or adapting to changing business needs, Catalyst has you covered. Registration and more details here.

  7. Creator Learning Table Series: We designed this series to provide users with valuable insights and knowledge about Creator's capabilities in various business use cases and applications. This year, we have adopted the 12 Months 12 Industries concept. Every month, we will focus on a specific industry, illustrating its unique processes with real-time business scenarios and how to make best use of Creator for that industry. Our recent webinar on Creator for the Real Estate Industry was a success, and in the upcoming session we'll be exploring Creator for the Logistics Industry.

    Title: Creator for the Logistics Industry
    Date: Apr 4, 2024
    APAC & ANZ: 11 AM to 12 PM IST - Registration Link
    EMEA: 4 PM to 5 PM IST - Registration Link
    Americas: 9 PM to 10 PM IST - Registration Link

Resource Spotlight

We've consolidated all the resources from the developer community learning series into a centralized hub for your convenient access. Consider bookmarking the Zoho Developer Community website to stay informed about the latest updates in the developer community.

Community Discussions

Zoho Developer Forum

Developers ZUG Cliq Channel

Note: These conversations are confined to the Developers ZUG Cliq channel members. If you're keen on becoming a part of this space, please fill in this onboarding form to receive your invitation to join the channel.

Community Spotlight

ZDH Speakers

The contributions of our ZDH presenters have been instrumental in the success of the this segment. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for their efforts.

As a continuation of featuring a ZDH presenter each month, this time, we would like to introduce our eighth presenter Jayesh Sonawane. Explore this post to discover the knowledge and insights he shared with the community.

Cliq Contributors

The Developers ZUG Cliq channel has consistently served as the primary hub for community members seeking technical assistance and engaging in savvy discussions. Here are our top contributors who have gone the extra mile to support and assist the Zoho Developer Community:

We want to express our sincere appreciation to all our community contributors. Your commitment, expertise, and the time you invest are invaluable to the community. 

For those who are new to the Zoho Developer Community, check out this post to get started

We appreciate you dedicating your time to peruse this month's digest. Make sure to follow the digest each month for the most recent updates and conversations. Stay connected and participate in the forums to be featured in the upcoming month's digest. Wishing you an amazing month ahead!


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