Community-driven poll for feature requests

Community-driven poll for feature requests

How many of my fellow forum users are interested in having a community-driven poll for feature requests? Something far more useful to understand and easier to use than manually +1'ing topics?

For example: a polling system that breaks out poll topics by: a) form, report, or workflow, b) back end or front end, c) Deluge, d) low-code GUI... Or perhaps we let people decide how they want to tag things and let the taxonomy organically figure itself out.

The purpose being to show Creator Support what we the users are truly interested in (versus what they THINK we're interested in)

I'd personally like to start driving the Product Development team in the directions we want them to go, versus going off on their own.

If there's enough interest, I could either develop something using a published form and report or I'd take suggestions on what SaaS to use.

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