Now that I have your attention, let's make this thread a recap of BUGS and IMMEDIATE redesign/feature needed for Zoho Creator to be somewhat more user friendly for devs and users alike. Yes this is a spamming thread intended to get Support's attention, clearly some stuff have been overlooked for way too long.

Here's what is currently on my list:
  1. Rearranging sections is a nightmare, use the available space to put "Hidden Components" in its own columns, components should be displayed alphabetically for ease of search. This would take any capable team less than a day to implement.
  2. Rearranging blocs in Detail View is a nightmare, add Drag&Drop compatibility, its not reasonable to ask us to delete a whole design just to add a bloc at the top of existing bloc. How is this still a thing is beyond my understanding!
  3. In Themes, we need to be able to choose the accent color ourselves. At least, add a color picker for ".zc-design-switch .zc-header .brand". For the amount of time this as been asked, this should have been implemented years ago. You can't expect us to build apps for clients without been able to choose the header's color ourselves...
  4. Form design: a section's column layout should not affect the other ones. Currently, when we add a large field in a section, like a Rich text field, the columns width' in the other sections will space accordingly. This is a bit pointless and creates a lot of blank space in the form. The correct and expected behaviour should be that each section have their own column spacing. This would allow for better designed forms and less wasted space.
  5. Global seaaaarrch... arf. Nevermind, we'll never get this one.
I'm sure I'm missing some, but these are just bugs and little tweaks that annoy me daily.

Seriously, there are too many of these little annoying things for a software that is 10 years old. I can commit on pushing this thread back up every week.

PLEASE SUPPORT, stop ignoring us.

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