Enhancements for Motivator in Zoho CRM

Enhancements for Motivator in Zoho CRM

Dear All,
Motivator in Zoho CRM (previously known as Gamification) is a tool provided to motivate your team to achieve designated goals and reward them with points or badges as they accomplish different milestones. You can create your own KPIs (key performance indicators), set up sales targets, create games, setup TV channels to display the accomplishments, and much more using Motivator. We are now here with the following enhancements:
  • Support of email module in KPIs.
  • Provision of custom dates for all the date-based comparison options.
  • Provision of custom period options for dashboard components and TV channels.
  • Enhancement in the Achievements filters.
Let's check them one by one.

Support of email module in KPIs:
Thus far, you were able to create new KPIs for standard and custom modules in CRM, to measure the performance of an individual user or the team, or the company. In this enhancement, we have extended the scope of creating KPIs to emails as well. Emails play an essential role in business correspondence. You can choose parameters like sent on in the period, first clicked in the period, etc., ascribe points, and create KPIs to gauge the achievements by means of graphs.

Provision of custom dates for all the date-based comparison options:
In Motivator, you can view the KPI metrics and trends for a certain period like today, this month's, this years, etc.,  and compare them with a findings from the past, like last month, last week, and last year.  

Now, to analyze at a granular level, we are providing the options for a period-based comparison where users can compare the trend of a particular custom period with the trend of a similar span from the past.

For example, if your trend is for the current week, you can draw comparisons with any span of 7 days from the calendar option available. You can also compare the day's trend with any other day from the calendar as well. If the trend is for a custom period of let say 20 days, you can compare it with any period of 20 days from the calendar.

The calendar option to select period is available for daily, weekly, and custom trend views. For monthly, quarterly, and yearly views, you get the options of the last 5 months, 5 quarters, and 3 years respectively.

Provision of custom period options for dashboard components and TV channels:
Dashboards in Motivator allow you to create components to display KPIs, Targets, and Games, to display them at one place. You can also share dashboards for others to see. While creating a dashboard component for KPI, you can now have a custom period to choose from, apart from the existing options like today, this week, this month, etc.

Similarly, a TV channel helps keep track and provide live updates on the performances of your teams and of the users. You can create TV channels to display any of the components — KPI, target, or game. With this enhancement, you can select a custom period for creating a TV channel for displaying KPIs.

Enhancement in the Achievements filters:
In the achievements section of motivator, the overall achievements of a particular user, team, or the company as a whole can be checked. Thus far, we had the option to first filter records of users, teams, or the company from the server, and then apply the filters for the badges or trophies on them.
With this enhancement, you can now add all the filter options as required and fetch directly from the server.
  • If Target is created for a user, even if the target is not met, it should still be considered in total count.
  • If the filters for badges or trophies are applied, the opacity of the particular badge or trophy will be higher compared to the rest.


Other changes:
Teams in Motivator are used in multiple places, like as filters on dashboards, while creating a game, or a component. Thus far, we were using users of a team and not the team leader for the various charts and other gamification. Users were also allowed to be part of multiple teams on motivator. Thus we have brought the following changes in teams:
  • All users associated with a team including the team lead will be considered for the KPIs, targets, and games metrics.
  • If a user is associated with a team, whether as a normal user or team lead, they won't be able to be a part of a different team.
Please note that existing teams where users are present in multiple teams will not be affected until they are edited.

To read more about how Motivator can help your businesses click here.
For more details on configuring Motivator for Zoho CRM click here.


P.S. These enhancements are now live for all users in all DCs.



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