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Motivator for Zoho CRM - Overview

Sales is a fast-paced, high-pressure environment which keeps salespeople always on their toes. The constant pressure and unpredictable nature of working with customers can easily cause a burnout. Even the most highly trained and qualified salesperson with experience working in a highly demanding environment may sometimes feel demotivated. 

Burnout can feel inevitable, but as a sales leader you can motivate your team to perform better, keep up their good work, focus on closing high value deals, and keep pursuing prospects. A well-motivated team will want to work harder and more efficiently.  

Determining the key factors that motivate an individual can be tricky, as these factors vary from one salesperson to another. The team leader must identify the key factors that drive the team and build a successful strategy. 

Permission Required
Users with Module customization permission in their profile can configure Motivator for Zoho CRM.

How can Motivator for Zoho CRM help?

Do you give rewards to the support agents who close the highest number of tickets? Is a rep congratulated for generating more leads? Do you acknowledge the managers whose teams had the highest number of conversions? 
From a business perspective, these may appear small. However, acknowledging the smaller achievements of your team members will keep them motivated and inspire them to perform better.

Measurable progress markers help people get clear idea of their goals and stay focused on them. Every sales activity like lead generation, follow-up calls, and other tasks can be turned into measurable metrics.  
For example, generating leads can be used as a KPI metric. For every lead that is generated, a point will be awarded to the rep. This KPI can be used to set targets for individuals, teams, or the whole company. For instance, the sales division of a particular region can be assigned a weekly target to generate 100 leads. 

These activities can also be made more interesting by gamifying the KPI metric between teams or individuals. At the end of the game, the winner with the highest number of lead generations will be awarded a trophy.
In the Motivator for Zoho CRM dashboard, you can add the KPIs, targets, and games for easy reference. The screen below displays the:
  1. Weekly KPI for lead generation of two individuals and the increase from the previous week as a percentage.
  2. The total points they have scored.
  3. The Sales team's target score so far. 

Components in the Motivator for Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM's Sales Motivator provides the following tools that can be used to set up activities which will boost the team's motivation: 
  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  2. Targets
  3. Games

Setting KPIs for individuals or team

Different sales activities can be used to set a KPI. For example,
  1. Lead generation - Your team will be excited to scour every touchpoint and identify interested prospects and pursue them in order to generate more leads. The scores will motivate them to complete the standard number of follow-ups before giving up on a lead. 
  2. Number of conversions - Reps or sales teams from different regions can be assigned a KPI to get more conversions. They will be motivated to follow up consistently and explore better engagement strategies. 
  3. Revenue generation - Sales executives from different regions can be motivated to look for customers or deals and follow-up with them to increase the chances of getting higher revenue.    

Setting targets for individuals, teams, or the whole company

A target is the final destination which is achieved by accomplishing smaller milestones or KPIs. You can set the following targets based on KPIs for individuals, your team, or even the whole organization:
  1. Monthly increase in lead generation: Use the lead generation KPI to set a monthly or weekly target for the sales team. They will be encouraged to reach the target before the end of the target period. 
  2. Enhanced lead conversion: Set a weekly target of 50 conversions for an individual salesperson. This will motivate them to identify ideal customers, understand their requirements, and engage them quickly.
  3. Increase revenue generation: Use revenue generation to set a monthly target of $1000 for the sales teams to encourage them to close more deals, pursue prospects, and increase the total revenue generated at the end of the month. The team achieving the highest revenue will be awarded a badge. 

Introducing games among individuals or teams

Gamification incites competitive spirit, boosts confidence, and amplifies the team's productivity. The sales leaders can create games for reps or teams on individual KPIs and push them to achieve the goal and win awards at the end of the challenge. 

Leaderboards to view achievements

Enhance your team's motivation and help them stay engaged by broadcasting their achievements in real time on the company's TV channels and dashboards. Recognizing their achievements will create a sense of urgency for other team members and help them stay focused on their goals. Individual salespeople can view their badges, scores, positions, and awards earned for each game, target, or key metric on the achievements board.

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