Tasks in Zoho One are a MESS - Please Fix!!!

Tasks in Zoho One are a MESS - Please Fix!!!

My team has been slowly integrating into Zoho One - we use just about every single Zoho software - Cliq, COnnect, WorkDrive, CRM, Projects, Desk, Sales IQ etc.. 

One thing we are quickly discovering is that tasks are a complete mess!! 

We have tasks from half a dozen apps that we have to log into individually to see.. the chance of things getting missed is enormous. 

We were really happy to see that Connect allows you to see almost all of your tasks in a board - but it doesn't go nearly far enough. 

Zoho needs a proper task manager, something that aggregates tasks wherever they appear in the Zoho ecosystem, is filterable by context (projects, people, crm) and that very quickly and easily allows you to organize your work... 

Connect almost gets there... The major problems with connect.. 

1. It's not drag and drop (See Asana or Todoist for examples of great easy to use task management) 
2. Creating a task takes FOREVER - I have to click the + Icon, then I have to fill in the title, then I have to assign it to myself or someone else, then I have to select the due date for today... UGH. I want to just start typing and hit enter and it's assigned to me by default unless I change it.. (again, see todoist and Asana) 
3. It doesn't pull tasks from everywhere. For instance Zoho Mail. 

Create a task bar that floats at the bottom right beside chats and notes and follows you everywhere in Zoho.. 

Just realized you forgot to ask a team mate to do something for you? No problem, click the plus icon on the bar, type what you need, assign it to them with an optional due date and hit enter. 

Want to create a quick list of things that need to get done today? Easy, just click to open your task list, click under "Today" and start typing, hitting enter after each submission, While you are there, grab a couple of your pending tasks from Projects and drop it into your "Today" list so you get those done... 

Please - It's unbelievable Zoho doesn't have this covered... 
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