Introducing WorkDrive 4.0: Enhanced productivity. Advanced data administration. (Phase 1)

Introducing WorkDrive 4.0: Enhanced productivity. Advanced data administration. (Phase 1)

Hello All,

We're excited to share the release of WorkDrive 4.0, which includes important new features and enhancements focused primarily on productivity, secure collaboration, data administration, integrations, and user experience.



WorkDrive Snap: Record and share files quickly

Couldn't schedule meetings across time zones?
Now, you can quickly record video, audio, or your screen from right within the WorkDrive app and share it with your team. 

Screen recording: Whether you're sending a proposal, or reviewing a document, you can now record your screen along with your video for better clarity and impact.

Video recording: If you want to share a message or announcement with your team, simply record your video and share it with your entire organization.

Audio recording: Take audio notes or record meeting audio so you never miss key points discussed in your team or project meetings.

You can record while offline, but to upload the file, you must be connected to the internet.

Note: You can currently record for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Security and collaboration

External sharing just got better—and more secure!

When you share a file or folder with external users (who don't have a Zoho account) using email addresses, they must now verify their email addresses via OTP authentication to access it. 

External users can now upload files, and add or reply to comments. WorkDrive signup is not required. We'll soon enable the Edit option for external users as well.

Data administration

Manage all your team's shared items in one place

Admins can view a list of all shared items and track who they're shared with, whether they're shared externally or within a team, and more.

You can easily search for shared files and folders by applying the following filters
  • Share type
  • User
  • Location
  • File type
Path: Data Administration > Shared Items

Manage all shared items in a Team Folder

When you're working with multiple stakeholders, such as external users and organization members, it is important to keep your team's data safe and maintain full control over it. Now, Team Folder Admins and Organizers can easily view and manage all items shared internally and externally, make sure data is secure, and update or remove permissions whenever required.

Path: Team Folders > Manage > Shared Items

This feature is available for all WorkDrive team plans.

Manage all shared items in My Folders

We are making it easier to manage shared items in My Folders too! You can now view and manage all your shared items from My Folders. Quickly check which items are shared with external users, team members, and more.

Path: My Folders > Manage > Shared Items

This feature is available for all WorkDrive plans.

Find all files in members' My Folders

Admins can now view the entire list of files and folders in a team member's My Folders from the Admin Console. This gives Admins full control over each team member's data. They can share the files with other team members, or transfer ownership to themselves or another team member, if required.

Path: Data Administration > Find in My Folders > (Select User)

Transfer ownership of files and folders

When an employee is not available temporarily or leaves an organization permanently, it's important to transfer their data to another employee securely. Admins can now transfer ownership of files and folders from one user's My Folders to another.

Path: Data Administration > Find in My Folders > (Select User) > (Select Files/Folders) > Transfer Ownership

  • Data Administration features are only available with WorkDrive's Business plan.


Bigin's integration with Zoho WorkDrive simplifies file management

Bigin's integration with Zoho WorkDrive helps you exchange files with your customers or leads in a secure and organized way. You can now create a File Cabinet for each customer and efficiently send, receive, and store related files.

With this integration, you can:
  • Generate unique links to collect customer files
  • Get notified whenever customers upload files
  • Configure workflows to automate file management

Cliq/WorkDrive integration: Share files from WorkDrive

You can now share files directly from WorkDrive to your Cliq chats and channels. When you share files from WorkDrive, you have the option to choose the share type and set permissions.

When sharing to channels, you have the option to share the selected file(s) with channel members, org members, or anyone on the internet.

Group Team Folders for easy access

If you have integrated Zoho Projects or Zoho Marketing Plus with WorkDrive, you can now group the Team Folders created in Projects and Marketing Plus in the left panel of your WorkDrive account for easy access and management. Team Folders created directly in WorkDrive will be listed separately.

Save emails from Zoho Mail as EML files in WorkDrive

With the Zoho Mail/WorkDrive integration, you can now save an entire email as an EML (Electronic Mail Format) file in WorkDrive. This way, you can keep a backup of important emails and preview them right from WorkDrive.

Your EML file will contain the email content along with details, such as the subject, sender email address, recipient email address, date and time of the email, and attachment details (if any).

User experience

Tree view for efficient navigation

The new tree view in WorkDrive makes it easier to access folders from any location in Team Folders or My Folders based on hierarchy.

Support for editing comments

WorkDrive now supports the Edit option for comments. This allows users to modify their existing comments at any time without deleting them.

Copy or move enhancements

Copy or move files using keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts are now supported in WorkDrive for copy and move actions.

Copy files and folders
      Copy: Ctrl+C (Cmd+C on MacOS)
      Paste: Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on MacOS)

Move files and folders
      Cut: Ctrl+X (Cmd+X on MacOS)
      Paste: Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on MacOS)

Note: Ensure you have permissions in both the source and destination folders for copy and move actions.

View progress of copy and move actions
We have added a progress bar to show clear details of ongoing copy and move actions for your convenience.

Watch this space, as we will share the WorkDrive 4.0 Phase 2 updates in the next few months.

As always, you can contact our support with any questions, or simply add your comments below.
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