Features, Feedback and Votes

Features, Feedback and Votes

We’re launching the Feedback Forum for our customers. This is 'THE' place where you can add everything  you’d like to see in Zoho Books. If you don't find the specific feature you need, simply add it so others can also vote for it.

While we cannot promise a ‘release date’ for each of your feature  request s, we definitely want to know what would help you run your business better.  We will update feature requests that we're working on and by participating in the forums, you'll remain updated on every feature we build.

Talking about features - last year (2014) has been nothing short of achievements!

The year started with us unveiling our New Zoho Books - the one which we revamped and literally rebuilt to give our users a faster and more beautiful accounting experience.  We then rolled up our sleeves, did some heavy duty work and built more muscle into Zoho Books. By the end of the year, we checked off quite a few feature requests from your wish list.

  • Client Portal

  • Sales Order

  • Purchase Order

  • Multi -lingual Support

  • Auto-Charge for recurring billing

  • Inventory

  • Custom User Roles & Permissions

  • Vendor Credits

  • Recurring Bills

  • Retainer Invoices

  • Mobile apps - Windows,  iOS , Android

  • iPad and Windows 8.1 app


Addons  &  Integrations

We partnered with key players who could help our clients with specific business requirements.

  • Integration with  Avalara

  • Integration with Square

  • Integration with  Entryless

  • Integration with  WorldPay

  • Integration with Payments Pro

  • Integration with Forte

And the list continues to grow...


Zoho  Integrations

We enhanced our Zoho  CRM , Zoho Projects integration with the aim to reduce duplicate work and bring more visibility across various departments. In a first of its kind move ,we took our integration power to the next level when we rolled out Zoho Subscriptions. Zoho Books and Zoho Subscriptions are naturally integrated and any change in Zoho Subscriptions reflects in Zoho Books and  reverse as well .


Country Specific Editions

One of our biggest  achievement  was rolling out the UK edition of Zoho Books. While the accounting functionality remains the same across businesses, there are country specific tax laws that change the way books are closed every year.  We have just begun our march towards multiple country specific editions. We know it’s a marathon and we’re ready for it.


All this would not have been possible without your support and suggestions.


Let's make Zoho Books the best accounting software for your business!

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