Tip of the week #26: Import/ Export calendars in Zoho Calendar.

Tip of the week #26: Import/ Export calendars in Zoho Calendar.

Any calendar on the web or calendars that you create in any other calendar application can be imported in to Zoho Calendar. This will help you to add the events from the calendars that you import to your Zoho Calendar.

You also have the option to export the personal calendars you create in Zoho Calendar. It will help you to export the events in a calendar and use it in any other calendar application.

Import Calendars

You can import any external calendar into Zoho Calendar using the Import feature. Instead of navigating between multiple calendar apps, importing allows you to manage all of your calendars in one place. You can import calendar using the following two options:
  • ICS file - An ICS file is a iCalendar file. These are plain text files that contain information about calendar events such as a description, start and end times of events, location, and so on. Learn more.
  • Web URL - An iCalendar URL is used to exchange calendaring and scheduling data across the internet. When you import an online calendar with an iCal URL, the web calendar's events are added to your Zoho Calendar. Learn more.

Import Vs. Subscribe

Importing a calendar is different from subscribing to a calendar. When you subscribe to a calendar, you cannot edit the events that are added to the calendar. On the other hand, when you import a calendar the events will be added to your calendar and you can edit them based on your needs.

When you subscribe to an online calendar using a Web URL, the changes that are made to the events in that particular calendar by the owner will be reflected in your calendar. Whereas, that will not be possible when you import a calendar. The changes will not be updated in the imported calendar.

Export Calendars

Exporting calendars will help you to view the events you create in Zoho Calendar offline. You can export a calendar as an ICS file. Later, you can import this into any other calendar application and view the events offline. You can also secure your downloaded ICS file with a password. Learn more.

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