Integrating Zoho Meeting and Zoho Connect

Integrating Zoho Meeting and Zoho Connect

What is Zoho Meeting?

Zoho Meeting is an online conferencing solution that lets you conduct screen-sharing sessions, and make audio or video calls to your team members. Using this integration, you can start a session with any of your Connect groups or with a selected set of members.

How to enable the Zoho Meeting integration?

The Zoho Connect admin can enable Zoho Meeting by going to the integrations page. The Connect admin should also be the admin of Zoho Meeting to enable the integration.
  1. Click the plug icon  from the vertical menu in the top-right part of your Zoho Connect page.
  2. From the list of integrations, click Zoho Meeting.
  3. Use the toggle to enable the integration.
Follow the steps mentioned above and use the toggle to disable Zoho Meeting.

To enable the integration, you'll need a paid subscription of Zoho Meeting. The integration is only available for Zoho Connect's internal networks.

Who can use this integration?

Once the integration is enabled, the members in Zoho Connect will be automatically synced with Zoho Meeting, and all members in the Connect network will be able to access the integration.

What does the integration do?

  1. Lets users start or schedule a meeting.
  2. Conduct screen-sharing sessions or make audio and video calls.
  3. Record the video/screen sharing session and share it in Zoho Connect.
  4. Create a meeting for the attendees of your Zoho Connect events.
  5. Lets you invite members outside of your network to be a part of the session.

How to start a Zoho Meeting session from Zoho Connect?

  1. Click the meeting icon  seen in the top-right part of the specific group.
  2. Or you can select the Start a meeting from the dropdown that appears on clicking the + icon in the top-right part your page.
  3. In the new form, fill out the details of the meeting, and add members to be invited.
  4. The character limit for the meeting topic is 200 and the limit for the description is 2000.
  5. You can invite members outside of this network by clicking the user icon  seen at the end of the invite users field, and adding their email addresses.
  6. You can either start the meeting immediately, or click Schedule for later to select the date and time.
  7. Once the session starts, you have the option of screen sharing, audio-calling, and also, video-calling.

How to start a meeting with your Zoho Connect event participants?

You can hold a session with the participants of an event that you've created in Zoho Connect.
  1. Go to the event created by you.
  2. Click the meeting icon  seen in the top-right part of the specific event details pop-out.
  3. A meeting will start instantly with the attendees of your event.
  4. Once the session starts, you have the option of screen sharing, audio-calling, and also, video-calling.

How to conduct a one-on-one meeting?

You can also hold one-on-one sessions with other members by clicking the meeting icon  seen in the top-right part of the specific member's profile page, or by clicking the meeting icon  from the member's profile card that appears when you hover above their name in your network.

You can also start a meeting by:
  1. Clicking the calendar icon  that appears on top of the feed editor, and selecting Meeting from the dropdown.
  2. Going to the Events tab in the right menu, clicking the  specific date, and selecting Meeting from the dropdown.
For more details on what you can do during a Zoho Meeting session, visit this guide.

How can users join a meeting?

Once a meeting starts, an email notification will be sent to the invited members prompting them to join. An alert is also sent in Zoho Connect, prompting members to join. Additionally, the host of the meeting can provide the direct URL or the meeting key, once the meeting starts, to allow other members to be a part of the session.

How many members can join the meeting?

You can add up to 100 members to your meeting session.

How to share the meeting video?

If you've recorded your session, it can be shared in Zoho Connect with your meeting participants.
  1. Navigate to the meeting post on your feed/group.
  2. Click the post for the detailed view.
  3. Click Approve on top of the video to make it visible to all your participants.
  4. Once approved, the video will now appear on the meeting post on your feed/group feed.

Regardless of your Zoho Connect plan, you'll need a paid subscription of Zoho Meeting to use this integration. The Zoho Meeting integration is available in all regions with the exception of China. 

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