FAQs on Tickets

FAQs on Tickets

1. How can I hide tickets from help center users?

The Help Center in Zoho Desk consists of the Knowledge Base, Community, and Tickets. These modules are aimed at helping customers learn, find solutions, and raise support tickets whenever there is a need.
It provides them with a self-service platform where they can:
  • Refer to the articles in the knowledge base and learn more about the respective product, application etc.
  • Find solutions to their issues on their own.
  • Discuss problems, share ideas, or ask questions with fellow customers via the community.
  • Raise tickets for issues that require support agents' assistance.
These customers are also referred to as help center users or portal users. They can create a ticket, add comments to the ticket, reply to a ticket, and check the status of their tickets.
At times, organizations may have the need to hide certain tickets for reasons such as internal audits, internal reviews and reference, and processes related to organizational strategies.
One such example is when an insurance company needs the tickets to be hidden at the time the insurance claim is checked by the claim settlement team. The tickets are then moved to hidden departments and, once the claims have been settled, they can be moved back to their respective departments.

To hide tickets from help center users, you need to do the following:
  • Hide a department from the Help Center.
  • Move the tickets under the hidden department.
  • Disable the display of tickets under a private department.
The steps below will give the details:
  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Click on Departments in General.
  3. On the Departments setup page, click on the department you want to hide.
  4. Click on the edit button corresponding to the department name and hide it by disabling the option "Display in Help Center" for department settings.
  5. Go to Setup > Channel > Help Center > Access Settings. 
  6. Disable "Display Tickets from private departments in the Help Center."


The tickets from the private department won't be visible to the customers or help center users anymore. You can also move tickets from any department to the hidden department in case you want to hide them.

2. Can I send a survey to customers from Desk?

A survey is an account of a customer's feedback on the support provided by the agents while resolving their problems. It is an account of ratings given by the customers while their tickets are resolved or closed. These ratings in Desk are termed as the customer happiness index.
The customer happiness index can be used to:
  • Gauge customers' opinions on the support service provided by the agents.
  • Evaluate an agent's conduct during internal audits.
  • Understand the percentage of customers that are satisfied with the current service.


By default, there are three types of happiness ratings:
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Bad
You can edit and configure these according to your orgnization's needs and requirements. For example, you can rename them to satisfied, dissatisfied, need help etc.
You can also use emojis for each rating, and configure an auto-response for ratings and feedback.


Users with Support Admin profiles can configure the happiness index from Setup > General > Customer Happiness.

You can customize the customer happiness page according to your requirements using the following options:
  • How do you want to send the ratings to your customer? For example, with every reply or when the ticket status is marked as closed.
  • Do you want to send the ratings with questions only or with smileys?
  • Who should access the rating link? For example, the end user, any user with the link, or the user with whom the rating link has been shared to.

  • Which department (In case you have more than one) should the survey be sent from? 

  • Should the tickets be re-opened if an agent gets a bad response?

  • You can choose from all ratings, good ratings, bad ratings, okay ratings or none in order to notify the ticket owner about the ratings they have got.

  • You can customize your reply emails, by customizing the templates to suit your requirements.
Click here to learn more about setting customer happiness rating in your account.


3. Can I backup my data from Desk?

You can use the data backup option to create a copy of your data. The backup data can then be downloaded.
To backup your account data, go to Setup> Data Administration> Data Backup.


This feature is currently in the Beta stage. If you would like to access the Beta release, please send a request to support@zohodesk.com
Only the primary contact can create and download backups in Zoho Desk. 

The primary contact is the person who initially set up your Desk account. All notification emails about account subscriptions like to upgrade or downgrade a plan, change the credit card billing information, or subscription cancellation is sent to the primary contact's email address.
There are two types of backups available in Zoho Desk:
  1. Instant backup/Backup now: You can download the full backup of your account by using this option. Full backup means you can create a backup of all your data from the tickets, accounts, contacts, KB articles, activities, products, agents, teams, and departments modules.
    You can also create a custom backup by choosing a date range to download the data for a specific period. For example, you can backup data for a few months of the year like the 1st of Jan, 12:00 am to the 30th of June 23:59pm.


  1. Scheduled backupAnother efficient option for creating a backup of your data is to schedule it. You can automate data backup at regular intervals such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly. 
    Once you schedule a backup, the first backup will have all the data until the day you are creating the new backup. The subsequent backups will be taken for the period that you have scheduled after the first backup. For example, if you have scheduled a monthly backup, then the first backup will consist of all the data till date from your modules, but the second backup will have the data for A month after the first backup, and the third backup will have the data for the month after the second backup, and so on. Your first scheduled backup will run as a full backup, then subsequent backups will only have new and modified data.


  • The backup file is available for download immediately or after some time based on the volume of data you have in your account.
  • The download link will expire seven days after the date of your backup.
  • Once a full or custom backup is initiated, you cannot backup your data for the next 30 days.

  • You can create only one scheduled backup in 30 days.


When you create a backup, all the module data, including tickets, knowledge base, contacts, accounts, etc., are saved to the downloaded file.


Here is the list of modules that will be backed up:
  • Tickets
    1. Threads
    3. Time Entries
    4. Attachments (via download link)
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Activities
    1. Tasks
    2. Calls
    3. Events
  • Products
  • KB Articles
  • Agents
  • Teams
  • Departments

  • Data under Community cannot be backed up.
  • Data backup is available for all paid editions.


Click here to learn more about data backup in Zoho Desk.


4. How can I import data in Desk?

You can use the import option under Setup > Data administration > Import. 


You can import support tickets, contacts, customer accounts, knowledge base articles, products, calls, events, and tasks to the respective modules.


You must import the records by module. By default, the records' ownership will be assigned to the user who imports the records. However, the import file should have a column that contains the exact email address of the users to whom you want to assign each record.


  1. The data import option is available for all paid editions.

  2. Only users with Import Records permission can import data.

  3. Records can be imported only to the default layouts.

  4. The files to be imported must be in CSV (comma separated values) or XLS file format. It must be an ASCII file (usually with a .txt or .csv extension in the Windows environment) where each line of text represents a single record.


Click here to learn more about data imports in Zoho Desk.

We hope that this list of frequently asked questions about Tickets is informative. If you still have questions that haven't been addressed, please let us know. We will be happy to discuss them with our subject matter experts and add them in the future. And please don't forget to share your rating below!

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