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Google Play Reviews for Zoho Desk Extension

Requesting and responding to customer feedback is vital for building a successful mobile app. It helps you know what can be improved and what isn't working. But the process doesn't stop there! Feedback must be a two-way conversation to let your customers know that they're valued. When customers feel that their feedback is appreciated, they are more willing to engage and feel more connected to your app. 

This extension helps you close the feedback loop by making it easier to view and respond to customer reviews of your Google Play app right inside Zoho Desk. You can create tickets out of user reviews and reply to them just like you would for regular tickets. Your ticket replies get added as replies to the reviews in the Play Store app.

Key Features
  1. Send app reviews to the relevant team by mapping departments within Zoho Desk to the related apps in the Play Store.
  2. Track all reviews of a particular app on a single ticket or create a separate ticket for each review.
  3. Since Zoho Desk provides connections to the Play Store as a ticket channel, you will be able to set up automation, create reports, and more.

Installing the Extension
The Google Play Reviews extension can be installed from the Zoho Marketplace or your Zoho Desk account.

To install the extension:
  1. Log in to your Zoho Desk account with Administrator privileges.
  2. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar.
  3. Under Marketplace, click All.
  4. Search for 'Google Play Store Reviews' in the search bar on the right-hand side of the screen.
  5. Select the Google Store Reviews for Zoho Desk extension and click Install.
  6. Click Install on the Confirm Installation window.
    You will land on the General Settings page.

  7. On the General Settings page, do the following:
    1. Select the department where you would like to create tickets from user reviews.
    2. Select the channel type or enter a new channel that represents such tickets.
    3. Specify the profiles whose agents can access this extension.
    4. Agree to the Terms of Use.
    5. Click Install.
  8. Click Authorize in the pop-up window to activate the extension.
  9. Click Accept to allow Zoho Workflow to access data in your Zoho Desk account.
  10. Click Authorize again in the pop-up window.
    A new authentication dialog will open in a pop-up window.
  11. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret from your Google Play Console.
    See section below for details about how to generate these strings.
  12. Click Save inside the window.
  13. Enter the credentials of your Google account.
  14. Click Allow to grant permission to to view and manage your Google Play developer account.
  15. Click Allow again to close the authentication window.
    You will land on the Preference page.

  16. On the Preference page, do the following:
    1. In the search box, enter the Package Name of your android app and click Enter.
      The app settings panel will appear.

    2. Select the department where you would like to create tickets from this app.
    3. Select whether you want to track all reviews of a particular app on a single ticket (App as Ticket) or create a separate ticket for each review (Reviews as Tickets).
    4. Click Save.
  17. Voila! You are now ready to track the app's reviews as tickets in Zoho Desk.

Generating Client ID and Secret
One of the primary requirements to install the extension is entering the client ID and the client secret from your Google Play Console. Perform the following steps to generate and submit them in Zoho Desk.

To generate a client ID and client secret:
  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Platform Console using a Google Account.
  2. From the Dashboard page, select a project from the drop-down list at the top of the page.
  3. Click the  icon in the upper-left to open the left nav.
  4. Select APIs & Services.
  5. From the APIs and Services page, click OAuth content screen on the left panel.

  6. On the OAuth consent screen page, do the following:
    1. Under Authorized domains, enter and then press enter to add it.
    2. Under Scopes for Google APIs, click Add scope.
      The resulting dialog lists the scopes for APIs you've enabled in the Cloud Platform.
    3. Select Google Play Android Developer API from the list and then click Add.

  7. From the APIs and Services page, click Credentials on the left panel.
  8. From here, click on the Create credentials button, and then click OAuth client ID.

  9. Select Web Application from the Application Type list, and you will then be prompted to give a Name for this OAuth client ID.
  10. Add under Authorized JavaScript origins.
  11. Add under Authorized redirect URls.
  12. Click Create and make a record of your client ID and client secret.
    You will need to enter these credentials in the extension setup page to complete authorization.

Now you need to link your service account to your Google Play Developer Account.
Perform the following steps to link them up:
  1. Access your Google Play Developer account and click on Settings, then API access.
    You should now see the project you created in the Google Cloud Platform console.
  2. Click Link corresponding to the project to link it to your Google Play Developer Console.

Uninstalling the Extension
You can uninstall the Google Play Reviews for Zoho Desk extension at any time. Once uninstalled, your agents cannot track app reviews from inside Zoho Desk.

To uninstall the extension:

  1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar.
  2. In the Setup Landing page, click All under Marketplace.
  3. In the Marketplace page, select the Installed Extensions tab.
  4. Choose Google Play Reviews for Zoho Desk from the list of extensions.
  5. Click the More Actions icon ( at the upper-right corner of the Google Play Reviews extension setup page.
  6. Select Uninstall Extension.
  7. Click Confirm to uninstall the extension.

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