How to migrate large data from a computer to WorkDrive using Desktop Sync

How to migrate large data from a computer to WorkDrive using Desktop Sync

If you have to migrate Terabytes (TB) of data from your computer to WorkDrive, then knowing the best migration practices will help you save a lot of time and work.

1 TB = 1024 GB

Always use Desktop Sync for WorkDrive to migrate large data from a computer to WorkDrive.

  1. If you want to migrate your data from G Suite, Dropbox Business, or OneDrive (Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan) to Zoho WorkDrive, please raise a request. We will enable our own migration tool for your account, and you can easily migrate your data from there.
  2. If you want to migrate your data from Docs to WorkDrive, you can use our migration tool. Read Migrate from Docs to WorkDrive for more info.
  3. If you wish to migrate your data from Google Drive, please refer the help article here.
  4. If you wish to migrate your data from other cloud services (such as Box) to Zoho WorkDrive, please send an email to We will guide you to migrate your data in the best ways possible, and we will also look into the possibility of building a migration tool in near future.
1. Log in to or sign up for WorkDrive.
2. Create a Team in WorkDrive.
3. Add members to the team (An invitation will be sent to users via email).

Members must accept the invitation to join the team.

If you have enabled the option for users to join the team using the same org domain, users don't require an invitation to join the team.

4. Create the required Team Folders in the web app.
5. Install the Desktop Sync app for WorkDrive on a computer.
6. Migrate the data from your computer to the corresponding team folders inside the WorkDrive sync folder.

You can drag and drop or copy-paste files and folders from your computer to the required sync folder location.

The maximum file upload size is 1 GB in Starter Edition, 5 GB in Team Edition, and 50 GB in Business & Enterprise Editions.

7. In the web app, add members to the appropriate team folders with defined access roles—Admin, Organizer, Editor, and Viewer. 

Now, all team members can install the Desktop Sync app to their computer and connect their WorkDrive account.

This way, members don't have to migrate the same content again.

All migrated files will be synced to the team members' WorkDrive account both in web as well as their computer. The team members can now begin to collaborate on files in WorkDrive.

Before migrating the data, make sure to read the best practices at each stage of data migration given below.

Before migration

  1. Log in to the Sync app and make sure the app is running.

  2. Make sure that you have enough space in your computer to store the data and sync with WorkDrive.

    Note: Except for Writer, Sheet, and Show files, WorkDrive Sync stores a copy of all your files in your computer. Writer, Sheet, and Show files are saved as link files, and when you click on a file it will open on the web.

    You may instruct your users to
    selective sync the required folders among My Folders, Team Folders and Shared with Me folder. This way their computer storage will be saved.

  3. Make sure that you have enough space in your WorkDrive team to sync the data from your computer.

    To view storage:
    1. In the Desktop Sync, go to Settings > Preferences > Account
    2. In the web app, go to Admin console > Dashboard
  1. Check for an adequate internet speed, which is essential to migrate large files within a few hours or a day.

  2. Set the bandwidth (Upload and Download speed) to high in the sync app.

  3. Create the required number of Team Folders on the web app, group your data based on the number of Team Folders, and move the grouped data to corresponding Team Folders in batches.

    If you are new to the concept of Team Folders in WorkDrive, please read it

  4. Migrate your important files first, less important files second, and unimportant files at last.

  5. Inform your team members about the data migration in advance, and let them know whom to contact in case of any migration problems.

  6. Perform migration when your team members are not likely to work on their files. This includes after work hours or holidays.

During migration

  1. Files and folders uploaded to the sync folder are compressed, encrypted, and synced. It will take time—so be patient.

  2. Users should avoid making changes on files that are being synced to members' computers, as this will create new versions to the files. 

    If many users work on a file which is being synced to computers, a copy of the file may also be created sometimes.

  3. Files that are open in other applications will not be synced to WorkDrive. So, close those files to sync.

After migration

  1. Organize files and folders in Team Folders, if required.

  2. Once the green overlay icon with a check mark appears on files and folders for all team members, they can start collaborating.
The Desktop sync app for WorkDrive is designed to handle 300,000 resources (files and folders together) in the most efficent way possible. Syncing more resources may affect the sync app, as well as your system's performance.

If there are more files and folders, after syncing 300,000 resources, you can use the selective sync option to remove less used files from syncing to your computer, as they are backed up in the web app, and then add the new files and folders to sync.

This process needs to be followed until all files and folders are synced to the WorkDrive web app.
If you already have your data in the WorkDrive web app, you can simply install the desktop sync app to sync the data with your computer. 

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